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I've basically abandoned this for bigger and better things. The whole game is pretty sloppily made and I'm slightly ashamed. Thanks for playing it, none-the-less :)

Just @ me on my discord since you're in it :)

Love the art style! The sound effects made me laugh so hard. OUGHGHGH!!

The art style is super cute! However there was no indication of what the controls were and I had to work it out myself (Ctrl to open/close eyes). The movement also feels a bit...floaty, which can make lining up crate jumps slightly tedious. The soundtrack is great, however. Just needs more levels and an indication of the controls but fine for a prototype.

I feel bad for you... You've already said you aren't adding multiplayer but everyone keeps hassling... Good game though! Keep it up! :)

Get a real mouse...

That seems like a fair compromise. But how many people would donate out of an act of giving if there was nothing in it for them. Look at the donation system in Unturned. Loads of people getting mad because they didn't get much for donating. As good of a system as it is, some people don't know the difference between a donation and a DLC purchase.

In that case I think the game shouldn't be free. They guy deserves money for whatever effort the final version requires.

The game IS free...


Cool game! A bit plain at the moment but I'm sure it's just in POC stage

The game (as mentioned) is extremely early access. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless