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Didn’t really know what to expect at first but I enjoyed it!! Wish it was a little longer so I could be scared more!! 

Very Weird but that how I like it lol Starts @21:49

this was short very short lol it was cool though starts @19:02

I enjoyed this, when  I horror games i never expect to win and i don't think what happened is winning lol starts @16:02 

I saw this game and instantly knew it would be a good one that I wouldn't probably beat lol starts @ 9:51

This for me was the scariest one I played,the noises really got to me not just the noise from the siren head the sound in the woods Starts @ 1:04 

I'm always down to play a good rpg and i like that this one has a dark fantasy vibe to it. I can the magic system being really cool, I was trying to figure combination here and there. Overall great prologue for your game I'm more interested to see where this goes and how the full game will be. 

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I love games with multiple ending and you did a great job with this. It wasn't like other games with multiple endings, it felt and played differently and that was amazing!!!! I think i got it all, its not in the video but i did get the clock after launching game again.

This was pretty dope love the gameplay mechanics I had a few problem here and there but overall a good game!

This is a game i would recommend for sure with the amazing art style and creepy atmosphere this game is worth playing! video from beta 2-7-2020

So I thought after playing this more than once I wouldn’t be scared anymore lol I was wrong 

dope game for being made in such a short time after playing anxiety I was excited to see what you would create next and this was fun and I enjoyed it a lot!!

I loved this!! Can’t wait for chapters 2!!! 

lol so i could have ran if i didn waste my enegry okay noted!!

lol i was so confused and i wanna know more lol!!! idk if that death was avoidable or not but heres a video :D

last time I play this it was like last year so I played it again.

another reason to not go camping in the woods lol 

Yoooo! you got me good im very happy with how much it scared me and i dont scare easy nice

work with building a creepy enviroment, the sounds were great too

Back Again lol I finnaly played the riverside incident, games didnt need a monster or a killer to keep me on the edge of my seat 

i might beat this 1st chapter one day... @3:50

Played this awhile ago I didnt do very well lol @4:42

This game scared me more than i thought the creature and the sounds were perfect loved them lol @2:23

played this awhile back it got me good!!


A game i will never beat im not good enough lol


this was a very interesting game i was able to get both endings!! But I was wonder what about the graveyard I felt like something happens there? This is the first time playing one of your games!

there was a time where I had classes in the morning and at night then would go to work after for 3rdshift those days i was up for 22 hours lol then would sleep for like 10 hours lol it wasnt fun 

I read a comment that said you will improve the game can’t wait to see how you will make it more scary starts @ 16:45

who knew cereal could be so scary 🥣.Start @ 12:34

this was a pretty dope game I think the ghost scared me almost everytime 😂 the whole mic thing was cool I had some rage playing this lol. Starts @8:04 

I didn’t know what to expect with this game I atmosphere and sounds were great I didn’t know you could read the book at first 😂 but still enjoyed it. Start @ 21:43

at first I was mad lmao be I didn’t know what to do but by the end of the game I was happy 😂 great game I like when they get weird Start at 0:39 

after playing the first one I’m greatly impressed with this lots of improvements you almost scared me 😂 Starts @ 18:15 

lol im so late the 2nd game is already out :D!!

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thank you for making a very interesting game I loved it!!! And 1st  shift are never easy 😂 

I a wonderful time at my new job lol but then that didn’t work out as planned 😂 

I always love when I play a horror game and get hit with some weird or unexpected stuff it always interesting a nice twist I wasn’t completely sure what was going on 😂

First congratulations on making your first horror game!! It’s was pretty creepy the sound effect and atmosphere were nice kept me wonder what would happen the entire time, the flashlight seemed to have some problems I would also maybe have it a little brighter

It was a lot shorter than I expected but I had some fun with it 😂 

a little late to the party but I played it and this was great!!! This game surprised me very much I’m excited, Everyone stay safe and healthy!!!

The first Puppet combo game i played, i still think its one of the scarest horror games i played, a great experince, one of my older videos but still kinda funny and cringy :D!!