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Been awhile since I uploaded anything! But hope you enjoy it!!

A Game of Chance with a Killer Clown YAYYYYY! LOL Starts @ 7:21

Just another regular night until things start getting weird.... it got me kinda good like once lol starts @ 0:35 

every job I get that’s a night ends badly 🤣 🤣 but maybe this will turn out better? 

LOL if i was in this situation.... I would never be in this situation lol i would leave as soon as i saw or

 heard anything unnatural  @ 52:46

had some time to play it!! i kinda found a weird bug too lol start @5:30 and @26:30 

this wasnt a good night of work lol  Starts @ 6:45

I really hope that just an arm I'm seeing LOLL!!

So glad we dont have basement where i live LOL starts @ 1:16

Well i was surprised i did okay!! and didnt rage quit!! LOL start at 4:25

Full Video in the Description 

full video in the description! 

NGL i this was pretty cool feels nice starts at 1:51:01

cute little demo! starts at 2:04:40

Played during a stream starts at 1:12:23

played a little bit during stream i love pizza but would never pay this much for one like they did LOL starts @ 1:51:03

played during my stream. I usually dont like games like this but it was a lot of fun tbh starts @ 1:20:50

Starts at 1:14:45 i just love the way he stares at me LOL 

Played during my stream Nice Game starts @ 37mins

Start at 10:08 wish it had more!!!!

Watch Full Video in RH9 but here a shorts clip from that video. 

Part of the RHG 9 video here’ a the freestyle part of it 😂 

Starts @ 1:56:12

This was overall pretty dope game!!

Starts @18:23

This one had me shaken lol


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A nice #shorts version of it lol

Your games always have some nice music and I love games with good music!! And Yes doing great! 👍 

I am now afraid to walk downstairs to get water 😂 starts at 5:07 

Lol well that wasn’t silent but it was deadly 😂 starts at 1:28

I was really impressed with how well made the game was and enjoyed the music a lot 😂 had a great time start at 8:59

when you try to freestyle and it’s super TRASH 😂 

check the description for the full video

the first horror game  freestyle I did Aka Manto

I got scared a few times, nice job very creepy I loved it!! Almost thought I wouldn’t beat it!