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RyshouJ Gaming

A member registered Jul 27, 2019

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played this game not and didnt expected it to turn out so weird  i loved it, its amazing great job!! 

Played this and wasnt expecting it to turn out the way it did, i was expecting monsters

Just in case i forgot to post it Im gonna be playing through the scary tales a game at a time here's the first one NightShift 

My experince with September 1999 - First video

Had a chance to play this game! i think i enjoy psychologcial horror a lot this game has a deeper meaning timestamp - 6:48 

First time completing a game with different ending I gratly enjoyed this - you did an amazing job!

Played and recorded some gameplay some time ago but I think i forgot to post something here so :D

So I saw the game this morning and decided to play it  Click here for video :D

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So excited to get back into the story of this game, I wanna see more of what happening and get a better understanding!!

This game was a great experience and had a crazy ending what happened isnt what i would have ever expected, Great Game -