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Unique game of all time

Okay i like this game BUT

The camera sway is wayyy to much, it give me motion sickness

The monster is so fast and unstoppable

The Guns is useless

I didn't finish the game because of it but overall i like this concept.

I like this game, creepy and werewolf


A very nice game

well my childhood is gone

i really like this game


As a child i also have this fear but when i grown up these shjt still scare me

This game is trippy

Cool short horror game

Creepy game
(1 edit)

i feel like i'm playing a game made by Picasso

You gort
You got me there

This game is like a dream that i have as a kid, good job dev team you guys are amazing

your game is awesome

Cool game
Cool game 

OMG i love this game.

Truly Amazing art game, i love it wish it could be longer.

the game file is corrupt

Well this is creepy, i love it.

The game is cool, i only manage to pull 2 ending.

The game is super disturbing to play but it is really cool game

Love the story, love the graphic and the environment of this horror game.

Love it, not the shaking at the end thou

This game will make you feel like a Badass

can't wait for full release, i love this game.

I love your game

I love your game alot, Maybe this is a demo but i can't wait to be full release

I love this game

the Art style is Unique, i love it

Creepy AF

Can't beat the game in Gnome city due to lack of spawning and thirst meter go down too fast, need some tweet

This game is awesome, i manage to find all the secret ( Maybe not) in part 2 of the video

The game is fun, the glitching vision not so much

this game need a lot of bugs fixes

I love this game, i think it will need more story, more choice like in the "Good Endling" player can see foreshadowing the "God" she said or the Bad ending she show you the vision then kill you.

Creepy game, i love it.

This game is so cool, the style, the art, the graphic, can't wait to it full release.

This game is so disturbing but i like it