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yes! i hope to release more before the end of this year. thanks for your interest!

howd you make this? the flowchart format is awesome and id love to use it for my own reference if it's open sourced!

melon :)

Legendary. Incredible. Amazing. I am root.

only the drippiest 😇

Not at the moment, but thanks for the offer!

I lov cat 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

yes it is! college is just a lot so it's tough, but i hope to post more updates this year. thanks for your patience!

It's optimized for desktop, no plans to update so far, sorry! It may help to use chrome's zoom out feature to play.

Going through a very similar experience with disillusionment and the games industries. This was a super helpful and meaningful work to play through while reflecting on my own experiences. 

i miss my grandma

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if you hold up while pressing up against a wall, you can climb up it slightly!

edit: one of my friends found that this can be exploited into an infinite wall jump

Unfortunately, because of how overworked I am, I'm not prioritizing translations. However, once I end up publishing a final draft, I'm very interested in translating Demonside into Spanish, French, and Japanese. Don't count on it happening anytime soon, sorry!

thank you!! <3

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to have that answered with the official release. Stay tuned :D

Thanks for playing!! :D

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This game is not great, but it's certainly not good. Pls never delete this.

it's pixel art or nothin, baybee!! B)
glad u liked it!

ty!! <3


Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!! :D