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Best game I've played.

The archers are soo annoying 

Its quite hard to play.

This game gave me stress but I beat it.

Short but you did really well Im hoping for more content like this ^^

Amazing story and gameplay, kinda hard but I beat it.

I got speed 12.

Cute game

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9/10 Pretty fun game if you know some hololive covers

Amazing  game, I got chairman.

Kinda hard to play but really fun.

The crows are soo annoying.

I agree

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Good game and rip Mushy.

I love the game but the jump is too small is there a way to fix this?

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Very well made game.

Amazing game

Amazing game I love it.

Wow probably one of the best games I've ever played.

My build was Bee stock, Bee grip, 4x Burst, 4x barrel, Auto Aim bullets, the shoot while reloading mag (I forgot whats it called but anyways its a great build I got to level 297 but got bored).

The game is very unique, I like it

Best game ever

Its so hard but really fun to play

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One of the best RPG games I've ever seen, can't wait for more content.

Jesus, finally I beat the boss (Tip: keep the same words like Kindness or something else then wait until you have all of the word kindness then type in kindness It should help you damage the boss a lot it but, doesn´t one shot but try to keep typing more positive words) it also improved my typing skills wow.

Oh no no no XD

Dude wtf I just randomly played pico and I hear this???

Dang lv 15 This is really hardcore.

Fun game, it's easy if you know the pattern.

I loved this game a lot, I hope there's more level's.

Wow what a great game i played and the song was bizarrely Lovely.

Wow Pog this is fun!

lol really fun game

This is a really great game

The dark souls and devs traps were too ez