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I really like the concept, especially since I got one of those large fluffy enter buttons and I can play this by mashing the button, which is pretty fun.

However, there are so many bugs its hardly playable. On my first run, the dungeon was generated in such a way that there right at the beginning there were two chests blocking the only two paths and no keys to find anywhere.

When I restarted the game I had more luck with generator, however at some random point on level 2 (after opening a door) I was unable to interact with anything, enemies, items, even the exit from the dungeon, I would just pass through everything without activating events...

If you have the time, please fix the game a bit, I really liked it. I'm assuming the plethora of bugs is most of the reason this isn't more popular (judging by the empty comments section).

Love it to bits. I like to think its a coming-of-age tale, you figure out the world, your abilities grow, illusions shatter. kudos for telling the story without any written narration.

Is there more story in newgame+?