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This game has really good sound, the cracking makes you more scared than the Monster it self :D Would recommend it - short but fun! :)

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This game was sooo coool, Tommy was teleporting all the time and he scared me more than Michael xD After understanding that Michael is moving slowly it sort of killed the scariness, but otherwise really cool game! :)

This game was insaneee!!! It's actually scary, with proper jump scares and feeling of being watched all the time! If You want to see someone scramming like little girl, give him to play this game! xD

Really Beautifully looking game, with nice design. Was trying to find the Easter egg for about 30 minutes, but couldn't find it :D But yeah, worth trying out ! :)

The sounds Siren head is making are insane, gives goosebumps! The graphics, map design, the small story behind it is perfect! I enjoyed this game a lot, even though it was without jump scares! :) Good Job Developer Hex Core! :)

I love the voice acting and the tone of the voice, combined with the story, it makes the game soo interesting, even tho it's Indie game. Good job with this one Developer Al Heck! Would recommend to every one to try it at least once! :)

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Only one thing I want to say to You Developer N4bA - F$#@ YOU!!! haha, this game got me almost hearth attack with those beautifully planed and designed jump scares, all the time was under pressure to not get jump scared one more time, and then the part, where You need to enter the code, jeesssus, got me sweating :D Good job! Nice game! Recommend to everyone! :)

This game was really funny and interesting, You have only one task - to go down the slide. But it makes you wonder what will be at the end of the slide, and that's why you are going down again and again aaaand again! If You ask me, I would suggest this game for You! :)