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Doctor Rynn

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Awesome! I appreciate it! :)

Do you think you could make a PDF version of this? I have a terrible time reading large amounts of text on a screen, and I like to print things out so I can actually read them.

I've paid much more money for much less complete products. What you've made is good and well worth the price. It seems like you're holding yourself to an incredibly high standard. I've been there. Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are horrible curses. You've obviously put in a lot of work, and you deserve to get paid for that work. It will take some time to accept, but "good enough" is, in fact, good enough. Perfection is rarely necessary, and most won't even be able to tell the difference between your "good enough" and your "perfect".

If someone requests a refund, go ahead and give it to them, but there's no reason to refund everyone.

Good luck, mate. I'm rooting for ya.

...does Rico wear a red ring?

Hello! The setting for this game is amazing and I'm planning on running this game for my group! But I have a few questions.

Is there some sort of reference for difficulty numbers/DC? (I'm assuming DC stands for Difficulty Check, though it's never stated in the book) It sounds like the GM arbitrarily assigns a DC number, which could lead to some unpleasant moments for the players. For instance, if a Pariah's attribute is 11, and their skill gives them a d8, but the DC is 20, their maximum score would be 19, so they would fail the test even with a perfect roll, unless they add their HD.

Should the GM keep a list of all the Pariah's attributes and skills to prevent automatic failures? Or should the GM share what the DC is before the player rolls so they can choose what skills to use and whether or not to add HD?

Regarding adding HD, it says a Pariah can add one of their HD to a roll, provided they have a strong narrative reason, but it never explains what that reason might be. It does for adding HD Pariahs DON'T have, which makes sense, and has the consequence of causing damage. What would make narrative sense to use available HD, and how would you prevent players from abusing it?

There's also a very confusing bit in the Melee section, which I think may be a typo. It says:

"Characters may attack anyone EXCEPT those they're engaged in melee with"

Is it supposed to say "Characters may NOT attack anyone except those they're engaged in melee with"?

Thank you!

Hell yeah!!

Damn. Let me counter it with some positive feedback!

It's a really slick system that combines a lot of my favorite elements of other RPGs! And it's so professionally laid out! I am definitely going to use it for the next fantasy game I run. The only thing it really lacks is more content! A larger bestiary, random tables for generating locations, dungeons and NPCs... and it'd pretty much be the perfect rpg! Although all that could easily be in a supplement. You could go the Mothership route, and continue giving the core book away for free while selling supplements for it. :)

Update it every hour for the next 6 years, I don't care! I've already printed 3 copies and I'll probably buy the print version too 😎

I would love to listen to this podcast, but it is very difficult to hear what you're saying over the music most of the time. :/

I did too. :x