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Depends what part. If it's the gender and orientation, it affects things. If it's name, eye, and hair colour, that's just for immersion and flair.

Sure thing, happy to do an interview or a survey, whichever works! Feel free to send through the details on

This, and also Earth's-based biofuel technology is incompatible with the plant material that does exist on Trigaea. This is caused by a base component which is symbiotically required for native life on Trigaea, but fatal to human life, and vice versa if you strip it out. It's sort of like an extreme version of how pure water can be toxic to humans.

Hi, sorry to hear you're having trouble! Unfortunately, the game isn't designed for mobile devices. I would try unpacking the whole zip version to a location on a desktop or laptop computer (E.g. C:\Trigaea) then running the html file in the Chrome browser. Make sure you don't have any plugins that might be blocking it, and you're not running in incognoto mode. Alsp, I'd check the game settings to make sure sound is activated.

Glad you're enjoing the story! The attack would normally deal 17 damage, but 10 is absorbed by the nanofiber, and the remaining 7 goes through. 

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I'm sorry to hear that! Here are some things to check:

  • Try the downloaded version on a PC (mobile devices are not supported).
  • Try it with multiple browsers (Chrome is a good one to test by default) and see if you have any browser plugins that might be blocking it.
  • Make sure all the files are unzipped and in the same folder (You should have an index.html, a readme file, and two folders: "Assets" and "Fonts").

Messaged in Walkthrough post, but sorry, it doesn't exist in the game yet.😢

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Oooops.😬 I'm so sorry you spent time looking for that!! I did have a plan to put it in there, but it got descoped for a future version, so it's sort of a dead end.

I'm sure it's somewhere on Trigaea... under a rock or something... and the player keeps walking past it. 😅 Sorry.

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Hi Seraf, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! Here's my answers in order. :D

**** SPOILERS *****






1. I'm really glad someone liked the fact Leon is trans, since I wanted to get some more transness in there. In the Rosettaverse, everyone on Earth is raised NB until they reach a certain age, and then they get the ability to choose during their Distinction, and sometimes opt to take Endegene and/or change their name (But they can have a second/third/Xth Distinction whenever they want). They usually get a gender-neutral 'birth name' up until that point, which they can opt to keep. I've been explaining it a little bit more in my book and the short stories I'm working on right now. It'd be cool if I could work in a good way to choose that for the protag in the game. With Gabriel, though, it's an error - the pronoun code in my game is buggy as all get out due to some changes I made halfway through development. :/ 

2. The books originally started as a way for me to have the player spend more time with Esra (AKA I wanted excuses for flirting), and show both the player and Esra's personality. But I wrote them with almost every book being representative of their current situation. Most of the intentional Ending 11 foreshadowing happens during the optional Progenitor memories, but hey, I'm happy to look smarter than I am. :)

3. Well I'll be making a lot of noise and sharing it here when it's published, so I'd love it if you (and everyone else) checked it out when it is! I've written the full draft, I'm putting it down to rest before going back for edits, then looking for beta readers, etc. Hoping to get it traditionally published, but who knows? I'm just writing short stories for comps in the Rosetta-verse in the meantime, fiction-wise. I'm hoping to incorporate some of the expanded lore back into Trigaea at some point.

4. They're *all* my darlings! I had to do it that way, because I didn't want to 'punish' anyone for picking an ending I didn't ideologically agree with, so I forced myself to treat them as equally as possible (Except for Ending 1, which is sort of a Bad End in a different wrapper). I do have an idea of which one is Canon if I ever did a Trigaea 2, but I won't share it unless that comes up. :) But if you held a gun-blade to my head, I'd saaay... 

  • Ending 3, because Esra winds up in a X'irii body, and it feels a bit romantic.
  • Ending 7, because I love the contradiction that nobody picks it in a game, yet as a species we choose anthropocentrism all the time in reality. 
  • Ending 12, because well, it's happy and bitter-sweet, and Esra and the player are still there (So I can still ship them).

On a side note, can I ask you to remove the bit about "being a way to tell you're in a simulation" in your message, or put it behind a spoiler tag? I don't want to ruin any twists for folks reading the comments before playing. :)

Not sure yet, got to find a publisher! :)

That shouldn't be possible! I'm baffled. :O

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Thank you so much for playing this game and sharing your thoughts, I'm glad you really enjoyed it! :D And yeah, the game page makes you put in "average duration" like for a session or something, and I had no idea how long people would play for. Most people go hardcore in from start to finish, so maybe I should update it? 

In terms of books, I'm working hard on a novel at the moment (at 95k) which is in what I'm tentatively calling right now the "Rosetta-verse" (Which Trigaea is in), and it's eating my whole life. Static fiction is hard. Hopefully there will be something folks can put on the shelf one day!

It's a bug, sorry about that! I'll look into it. :/ 

Lo siento no hay version en español. :(

Hi Spirit! I'll answer your questions to the other post here as well. :)

  • Yes, the downloaded version is still HTML-based, so it plays through a browser. I wouldn't recommend you run anything through Internet Explorer, though, since that's officially a dead browser. I'd try Chrome and see what happens.
  • When you play the browser version of the game and the downloaded version, they technically count as different game instances, so the browser saves are different. However, you can still play your old game by going to the version, saving the game to disk, and then going into the downloaded version and loading the save file from disk. Bit convoluted, but this should work.
  • Not really sure what's happening with your choice panel. Can you save your game and send it to, along with a screenshot of what's going on your desktop?
  • In terms of sound, sometimes when you load the game, the game doesn't remember what music or sound was triggered. It tends to fix itself once you go to an area where new music and sound is triggered, like the main camp. Not sure if that helps.
  • The bioregeneration isn't a bug, it's a feature. :D In the tutorial, Esra gives you plant bits, so you heal in combat. Benefits of being human. That said, if it's triggering before you even meet Esra, that's probably a bug.

Hopefully some of this helps, but if not, email me with the deets and the save file! That's the best way I've found to troubleshoot this stuff.

Great to hear, I hope you enjoy it! :)

This is most likely a bug. I'm still tracking down all these pronoun errors, so if you come across any, please report them using the bug report function!

Not sure I understand the question, but if you download a new version and load an old save, the game will be updated to the new version.

If I was an artist, I totally would! The best I could probably do is a 8th grade anime impression.

Not in terms of having an APK for the Google store, but I am planning to release a mobile-optimized version for in-browser use.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game and the new scenes!! And I always love when past me fixed a bug before I get to it, he's super convenient that way, lol.

Hi DeepBlue! I'm currently overseas and nowhere near my machine, so I can't troubleshoot until I'm back, sorry. :/ Can you shoot me through an email on with a screenshot? I can try and figure this out once I'm back home.

Thank you, I really appreciate the thought. :) But the only payment I need is knowing you enjoyed the game!

That said, it you know anyone who would like Trigaea, let them know about it! If not, that's also fine - I have surprisingly little sci-fi loving friends on my side of things, and the ones that like text-based games was even smaller. Finding beta players was a paiiiin. *Inner cry*

Thank you for the offer, I'm extremely flattered! However, for the time being I'd like to keep Trigaea on, even if it doesn't have as large a distribution footprint. :) And thanks again for reviewing my game!

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The answer is "Yes" and "Maybe"! I've got a mobile-optimized browser version done, I've just got to test it and push it live. That should be playable through the app on the phone or a regular browser. That said, I'm aware this might add loading times and be less ideal than a downloaded version.

If it's as a proper native app on a mobile store, it's a "Maybe." It's not generally best practice to turn Twine games into APKs and release them that way, and the file size of Trigaea adds some unique issues that other Twine games released as mobile apps don't have. Still, it's something I've looked into before, and might do in the future.

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No prob, thanks for the edit! That'll work great.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Can you please put this behind a spoiler tag, because there's some big reveals there. Just don't want to ruin things for anyone. :)

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Awesome, I'll definitely watch it - thank you for reviewing my game! Out of any of the paths I'd recommend checking out Ending 12, since that's got the most twistiness. :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!! If you felt all that, it was 100% what I was after, so that makes me happy. :) 

I do tend to laugh at my own puns a lot, so Esra wound up making a ton of jokes by proxy.

Hi, great question! The art is not mine but from a number of awesome sci-fi artists who have generously allowed me to use it in my game. The artists are listed in the Trigaea credits with hyperlinks to their art pages and websites.

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Hi Psychronic! I haven't gotten an email yet, so I'll just ask questions here and delete this post later. :) 

1. What exactly is a blind review? I'm guessing from context that it's a review when you haven't played much of the game?

2. How am I going to log in and interact with your livestream? Just in the chat comments?

3. Is there anything else I should know about, in terms of how long you'll be reviewing, or things you might ask?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, that sounds great! That should be Friday morning for me. Feel free to send me any other details (like meeting links, etc) on

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Hi Paulineugalde, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble starting the game! If you email me on, I can work through some troubleshooting options for you, and see if we can get you started.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I don't have a patreon, I get paid in nice comments like these!

It's all part of my evil plan! :D 

If you shoot me an email, we can chat it out! :) Debugging via the comments section is going to leave a massive thread.

Hey A-wq! No, the achievement does not require bad endings. Can you save your game to disk and send it to me on That way I can take a look under the hood and see what's going on. Apologies for the issue!

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Oh wow, I really appreciate you going to that effort! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's kind of a small thing from a game jam, not anywhere near the scale of Trigaea. :)

Could I trouble you to put the first post behind some spoiler tags re: possible endings? Just want to keep it as interesting as possible for new players.

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You're not crazy! Some people have reported this bug, and I've been trying to reproduce it. It's likely the bonus nonlethal chips for some forms of takedown aren't being added behind the scenes - apologies for the inconvenience. :(