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Thank you, I really appreciate the thought. :) But the only payment I need is knowing you enjoyed the game!

That said, it you know anyone who would like Trigaea, let them know about it! If not, that's also fine - I have surprisingly little sci-fi loving friends on my side of things, and the ones that like text-based games was even smaller. Finding beta players was a paiiiin. *Inner cry*

Thank you for the offer, I'm extremely flattered! However, for the time being I'd like to keep Trigaea on, even if it doesn't have as large a distribution footprint. :) And thanks again for reviewing my game!

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The answer is "Yes" and "Maybe"! I've got a mobile-optimized browser version done, I've just got to test it and push it live. That should be playable through the app on the phone or a regular browser. That said, I'm aware this might add loading times and be less ideal than a downloaded version.

If it's as a proper native app on a mobile store, it's a "Maybe." It's not generally best practice to turn Twine games into APKs and release them that way, and the file size of Trigaea adds some unique issues that other Twine games released as mobile apps don't have. Still, it's something I've looked into before, and might do in the future.

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No prob, thanks for the edit! That'll work great.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Can you please put this behind a spoiler tag, because there's some big reveals there. Just don't want to ruin things for anyone. :)

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Awesome, I'll definitely watch it - thank you for reviewing my game! Out of any of the paths I'd recommend checking out Ending 12, since that's got the most twistiness. :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!! If you felt all that, it was 100% what I was after, so that makes me happy. :) 

I do tend to laugh at my own puns a lot, so Esra wound up making a ton of jokes by proxy.

Hi, great question! The art is not mine but from a number of awesome sci-fi artists who have generously allowed me to use it in my game. The artists are listed in the Trigaea credits with hyperlinks to their art pages and websites.

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Hi Psychronic! I haven't gotten an email yet, so I'll just ask questions here and delete this post later. :) 

1. What exactly is a blind review? I'm guessing from context that it's a review when you haven't played much of the game?

2. How am I going to log in and interact with your livestream? Just in the chat comments?

3. Is there anything else I should know about, in terms of how long you'll be reviewing, or things you might ask?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, that sounds great! That should be Friday morning for me. Feel free to send me any other details (like meeting links, etc) on

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Hi Paulineugalde, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble starting the game! If you email me on, I can work through some troubleshooting options for you, and see if we can get you started.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I don't have a patreon, I get paid in nice comments like these!

It's all part of my evil plan! :D 

If you shoot me an email, we can chat it out! :) Debugging via the comments section is going to leave a massive thread.

Hey A-wq! No, the achievement does not require bad endings. Can you save your game to disk and send it to me on That way I can take a look under the hood and see what's going on. Apologies for the issue!

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Oh wow, I really appreciate you going to that effort! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's kind of a small thing from a game jam, not anywhere near the scale of Trigaea. :)

Could I trouble you to put the first post behind some spoiler tags re: possible endings? Just want to keep it as interesting as possible for new players.

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You're not crazy! Some people have reported this bug, and I've been trying to reproduce it. It's likely the bonus nonlethal chips for some forms of takedown aren't being added behind the scenes - apologies for the inconvenience. :(

I've just written a guide, but it's got some spoilers, since it's nearly impossible to write one without spoiling some things. If you get really stuck, check here!

Thanks for bringing that up! I'll note that down as something to do for v1.2 - I know some games prevent it, like Wayhaven Chronicles. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and the name thing didn't throw you off!

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Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback, and I'm glad you loved the game!

Funnily enough, when I was working on the game originally, I did have it that you had 'slots' for your upgrades, and you had to choose what you had equipped at any given time (E.g. Alien/Terran/Machine eyes), and a rating of how much of that species you were at any given time (To enter a settlement, you needed to have 50% or more of that type of upgrade attached). 

In the end, I got some feedback that it was too complicated, so I ditched it and went for the current system. I was also worried people would get annoyed having to unequip and re-equip everything just to continue a quest, or feel locked in to a build they didn't like just to finish the end game. It was also going to make balancing each build *tough*.

I'm trying to incorporate some more of the upgrade stuff into 1.2, but I won't oversell it, since it's really only some scene variations. It would be cool though if the fact you can shoot spider web from your hands, or sense magnetic fields, came up more often. :)

Checking in on main characters outside of quest events is something I'm trying to work in to 1.2 or 1.3, since I've got some ideas. I'm fighting burnout a little bit on 1.2 right now between writing new memory scenes, book scenes, and chain events, so I'll see if that gets scoped for the next release. 

Thank you again for this wonderful review, it made my morning! <3

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Hi, I'm really glad you enjoyed Trigaea! I'd like to say that's intentional, but any inconsistency will be a pronoun issue I missed, not to do with your brain :)  I'll do a sweep for errors for the next update, but if you come across any, please submit a bug report so I know where to tidy it up.

There's technically no max level, but since the level up cost goes up incrementally and enemy drops stay the same, you'll probably start to slow down around lvl 28. :)

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I'll be noting down the music in the next release, since it's a common request. :) Combat occurs mostly between two passages - a "choice" passage and a "result" one. However, it calls about thirty or more widgets to do calculations, which are essentially just other passages (Probably should have used <<include>> in hindsight). I made it modular so I could focus on one element at a time. Temporary variables are used for the current enemy, but it pulls from setup templates in StoryInit.

Sure, if that's something you want to do! I keep meaning to do this, but I keep getting sidetracked with working on the new content.

No guide yet! I've answered how to get those endings below. :) Thanks for playing Trigaea, and I really appreciate the feedback - kudos for going for all the endings!

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Hey there, thanks for playing the game - I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

To get those last two endings, follow these steps:




Getting Endings 11.4 and 12:

  • In the final area, after speaking and doing everything other than falling asleep, speak to Esra. 
  • Tell her something feels off. Bring up the books, and keep down that line of questioning.
  • When given the option, tell Esra "I'm not done living yet."
  • Head to your room, then the dock.
  • After speaking to Ash/Aurel, choose either:
    • "Alright, I'm walking through. Thanks for this." - Ending 12
    • "I can't take the risk. I'm staying here." - Ending 11.4

Note to future readers: This bug was fixed in V1.1.2

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Hi darkempathy, thanks so much for the feedback and I'm glad you liked the game! I'm a sucker for Anne McCaffrey, particularly the Crystal Singer and the Brain and Brawn series - I'm pretty sure Esra was inspired by a twelve year old me sitting and reading about Helva. I was actively thinking about Hypatia from the Ship Who Searched for one of the X'irii ends, and also for some potential future content.

The buttons were something I rushed a fix for last night, so hopefully those work with NVDA now! I'll also look into the non-subdue and popup issues ASAP.

On a side note, I have been watching that audiogames thread and taking notes, particularly with New Game+. I set it to keep levels and upgrades, but either this was a mistake, or difficulty needs to be scaled up with replay in a Borderlands-like style (the second being far more work). I'd recommend keeping a save game taken on the ending screen (ideally save to file as this doesn't rely on browser memory) so if I do release a change to New Game+, it won't involve playing through the too easy version.

When I released the game I genuinely thought one, maybe two, people would play it, so I didn't put NG+ too much in scope. Now it seems people like it, so things like chain events and replayability are on my radar!

If you come across anything else you think would make the game better, let me know. I'm aware there are a limited number of accessible games out there, so anything I can do to polish this one up is a plus.

I'm glad to hear it! I personally love twists, so if this hit the mark then that's awesome.

I'll look into making a guide, since it wouldn't be too hard to put together. The biggest problem is figuring out if I make it a spoiler-free one. :3

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Hi, I'm really, really happy that you're enjoying the game, and that it is accessible! I downloaded NVDA as you suggested, and I've been going over Trigaea trying to see what the experience is like.

I can see why the screen reader didn't pick up those first three buttons and one of the top stat buttons (The one next to microchips is current water) so I've been learning about ARIA tags to make sure these show up for a screen reader. I'm looking to release these fixes in a 1.1.1 patch. I'm new to both NVDA and ARIA, so I'll take any guidance I can get.

If you do come across anything that makes your playing experience anything less than perfect, whether it's related to accessibility or not, just let me know. I'll check out what was going on with the hunter boss.

The parts you have already are shown in the buttons as text, but I think a page in the stats screen might be helpful because running NVDA across the buttons with the arrow keys didn't read it out for me. Then again, I might have it set up wrong.

I'm not sure if you use Discord, but my username is RynGM#9766 and that might be easier than leaving messages here. Alternatively, email me on I'm also looking at switching this comment area to "Discussion Board" because I think there's a good need for that for bug reports and feedback, just waiting on the support team to get back to me since I'd like to copy over existing comments.

EDIT: Just pushed the 1.1.2 patch live with the screen reader fixes (took me two bites at that apple). It should read out the menu buttons now, as well as register the health, heal, charge and DR icons.

Thank you very much for letting me know about this! I haven't tested Trigaea out with screen readers, so I will look into this. I apologize if this has hampered your ability to play this game.

Hi, sorry for the delayed response! I actually took it down to edit it, but I've been caught up with other things, so that didn't end up happening. I've re-uploaded the last version for now.

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These are teens and young adults at best - not really mature! Baby faces, no wrinkles, and no, well, sagging. :/ There's even a school outfit in there.

I got really excited when I saw the title, because there's a lack of any non-teen VN-style sprites out there, and was then a bit disappointed. As someone in their mid-thirties, it's very hard to find assets that represent the age demographic I'm in.

That said, it's still very cool that you're releasing free sprites for people to use in their projects - and a lot of people will get use out of them. Just a kind request to maybe tweak the title a little.

And, you know, apologies for being a grumpy old person.

This was very interesting. I'm not the target audience, but I can see how it would be rough to make this shift. It read as quite heartfelt.

The dialogue presented is relevant to the point you're discussing, and very succinct. This is actually something some writers struggle with - linking the assertion well to the actual argument - so good job pulling it off.

I am a terrible networker. This guide is for me. :D

The links are a bit crazy though, because they spasm and make it hard to click. But other than that, great job!

This was funny! Sage advice that if something smells like almonds and it is not almonds, you need to read an Agatha Christie novel. :D

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This was quite interesting, and it's clear you've put a lot of work into this! The narrative is fairly rich for a game jam submission, so it came out of left-field like I'd opened a fantasy novel.

I wasn't sure at first if it was linear or not, and was glad to find a third of the way in that there were options. I'd just add a refresh button at the end - or perhaps a "The End"  - to make it clear the story has finished. There are also just a few spelling mistakes (mostly where words need a space between them).

Other than those small things, great job!

This had an interesting use of media (music and images), and the topic is a very relevant one. I was a little sad the options didn't seem to matter (I spent a good long while wondering if non-bullies eat omelettes or sandwiches, hoping to sway the character's moral fibre (pun intended). 

Some hopefully constructive suggestions I'd make is to make sure if you're doing a morality tale is to make it less clear to the reader, and make those choices a bit more weighty.

Points for the mobile phone response from Eva halfway through - I liked that quite a bit.

This was a very off-beat story  - and after playing through it, I was scratching my head! Great job throwing this together.

My biggest feedback is the use of external links jolted me out of the game, and I didn't want to do added research to enjoy it, so I just ended up skipping any tabs that opened.