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is it updated yet?

this game is a virus?

yes indeed its very nice


im not sure that's why i just also went here lol

i didnt use steam unlicked bc everytime i would odownload the zip file it would always say add an extension firt the you can download

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bruh the new ravenfield better i have the craked one : / so dont download this

so no update ?

was there an update?

wait nevermind it is lol

is this a mod?

add rifle back bruh. i think the dev changed the rifle to mp18 bc baronvongames said "i wish we could use the mp 18"

last time i downloaded this it was so fast like brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

how do you control a unit?

mhm mhm mhm

it is just me r the download is taking long

your fault mac pc are difficult and very sensitive

bruh my pc trah as in stupid slapp me in the ass trash can u make a 32 bit version please!!!!!!!!

its either a shitty computer or a shity computer lol :)

i have a shitty computer just put ur graphics to the lowest


i think sadly u cant

i think it would be at the price of 25 to 75 dollars

ur lucky i cant even play mission creator and i think ur lagging bc of to much planes pc are superior than phones so phones are not for gaming

wat if multiplayer im a small youtuber i would like this to be a multiplayer

so that i can fight with my freinds game has lots and lots like very many potential the only downside if this will beome famous we might need to pay already so goodluck on those who are trying to learn the controls i took an hour to familliarize it

this game a bust lol im not saying it bad its nice hreat potential i just cant seem to play it everytime i press the stat button it will load of course then it it will crash