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Thanks for the input!  If I have some free time in the future I might fix all the problems that you suggested to be fixed.

is there a discord server that we can make teams in and talk about the Jam?

Thanks for the feedback we were going to polish the game but we ran out of time due to the time limit.  The tutorial is kinda built in when we add blocks that are available.  And thanks for taking the time to record your gameplay! 

Thanks!  I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

Amazing Game!  Made me laugh on almost every text box.  But it could be improved with checkpoints, skippable dialogue and a game icon.

Its a good start but there is no true "end" to the game since the bugs keep coming.  I also ran into a bug in the coding section.  When I pressed go it only gave me 28 seconds to code instead of 60 like it said on the screen.

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Thanks!! I’m glad you enjoyed it

You most likely ran into a bullet the one way to avoid it would be to kinda do a semi circle around the enemy before you dash into it.  And thanks for the feed back!