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Hello. I've been using GMEdit for the better part of 3 years now, and it's a great tool. Recently, however, I've encountered my first issue with it which might be a bug (or just something simple I've overlooked).

So, for some reason, if I add new moments to a timeline in GMEdit and run the game, I get a "Variable not set before reading it." error about the timeline. The output window also tells me there was an exception loading the json of the timeline.
I checked the timeline's .yy file with notepad++ and for some reason all the moments created and saved with GMEdit are events instead, which causes things to break.

Here's what the "momentList" part looks like for the .yy after saving in GMEdit. There should be 4 moments in total, but only the first one, which was there by default when the timeline was first created, appears correctly. The contents of the moment_X.gml files are saved properly, the .yy file is the only one that acts weird it looks like.

  "momentList": [






This does not happen if I create and edit a timeline only using GMS2's built in editor.

I'm using the latest windows beta build of GMEdit. This happened to me in an older version too, which caused me to update to see if this would still happen in the latest version. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.