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This is fantastic. I've been hoping for a card battle simulator for RPGMZ for a while now. I always found side-view battles underwhelming and front-view battles in need of something to more fully engage the player outside of 'I click skill and do the number damage'. Having the player needing to draw into those attacks and manipulate the likelihood of getting them solves this. 

I do hope to see party battles and deckbuilding in the future. I think each character having their own deck would be a welcome addition, as I do like the idea of restricting cards to character classes.

But, really, the potential here for fun combat is huge. Having enemies curse the player by adding debuff cards to their deck, resource management in the form of card costs, etc. 

Really great work, to everyone who made this.

Gorgeous, but that's really become par for the course with these assets.

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I've been waiting eagerly for this update. Marvellous, it really is. One thing I particularly appreciate is the recognition of scale. I am taller than a barrel - most people are. 

I made some animated doodads for some of the trees you created in the base release. It's quite a bright, cartoon-y vibe and so I thought to give them faces and make them dance a little. 

As a suggestion for icons, how about some fish? We have some farming tools and crops. We could go fishing too and sell lots of fun little fish. 

I think that might be a good idea, just to clarify what the buyer is getting and letting them know in case they want to subscribe to get the 'full' version of the plugin. 

Though I think that the goal of the project is worth subscribing for anyway, just to support you to this end. 

A final question, which really is just a question rather than a suggestion, is there any plan in the future to collaborate with VisuStella to ensure compatibility with their plugins? I noticed, for instance, that the effect of the sprite leaning forward when sprinting that is applied by their Events and Movement Core does not happen when used in conjunction with MZ3D.

On the Patreon page, the various tiers all list a reward stating that Patrons get Patron-exclusive features for MV3D. Is the wording of this specific, meaning there are no Patron-exclusive features for MZ3D? Or are we just grouping both projects under the umbrella of MV3D?

These just get better and better! Each one is gorgeous.

Absolutely gorgeous. If the plan is to recreate the RTP and then do paid expansions then I am all for that. The community is incredible with the resources they create and share for free, but you cannot deny the allure of a one-stop shop for your tiles. 

I am all for this new series. Real potential to cover all of the base animation needs for RPG Maker MZ with quality animations (weapons/magic, etc.) I am excited to see what you make in the future with these sets.

Including accompanying sound effects was also a step in the right direction. I am much happier purchasing this pack than I ever was the animations select as it really is more plug-and-play and I feel I absolutely got my money's worth. 

I did realise that Thunder and Earth do not have MZ updates yet before purchasing thanks to the file list below the purchase button, but I do wish to ask if these will receive an update to make them MZ compatible out of the box, alongside the Animation Collections 1, 2, and 3, so I know whether or not to convert them myself. 

Fantastic work with the animations, by the way. Each one in every pack is of astounding quality. 

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You have more than earned the support!

TVD Sprites are the damage sprites for characters. Top View Damage I think it must stand for. They are three frames that show the character falling down. I made a random character in the generator to better show you:

I purchased the three volumes and am infatuated with each and every one of them. The characters are a perfect compliment to your enemy-focused librarium. My only wish is TVD sprites to go with them. 

Looking forward to any future expansions to these high-quality and, quite frankly, adorable characters. Fantastic work!