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what  the hell I translated the binary code and got something weird... to make sure this wasnt wrong translation I went to another website and got the same thing. This is what I got:

Welcome to Advancement In Artificial Intelligence Incorporated! Or as we like to call it, AIAI, we here at AIAI strive to further the development of artificial intelligence to levels beyond our current level of understanding, and bring that knowledge to you! AIAI has a team of scientists and programmers who are working day and night to make our AI smarter, faster, and more real than any other leading corporations! AI files we offer include, RTL, NIKI, and UMI. Interested in purchasing? Read our ToS HERE, and visit our website. Want to join the AIAI team? click HERE to go to our application page! And remember, here at AIAI, machines are no longer just machines. They can be our friends, our family, or even our lovers.

hey guys when ayumi annoys you with the ball, when the cup is upside down on top of her (the scene where you destroy the ball) if you wait it teleports you to another place.

this is about one 3rd of what I digged down until I reached the brick walls... hopefully this is enough proof to show that I digged the whole map (its not so hard with max upgrades) also if you notice my compass is point at the left with one of the knobs pointing to the right.

i like this game a lot, the exploration, the unique way of doing combat, the art style, and the upgrading mechanics are lovely. I beat the game by accident because I wanted to see if there was a bottom. If I didnt go down I would never beat it. Maybe add like hints of what to do? because it also took me forever to realize you could harvest the mushroom. But great game!

the r move keeps on making me dissappear ;(

the final level was creepy when I saw the girl and i freaked out but when I got the proton pack I was like, DIE MOTHERFUCKAS.

Also im really sad about rocky but also rocky died in another room with the door closed but I saw him anyway... i guess you can see through doors???

took me a while but look

well I cant beat it I beat everything except week 2, the second song (I only beat it in easy)

really good game! games like this on itch is rare these days, I love the story a lot and enjoyed the beauty of the game. It really gives me hope in life sometimes because the grandma was just an example that there are people willing to help you sometimes.


I cant even have brain cells.

well if this isnt a joke post and they actually need help since most people arent taking this seriousely, then what I recommend doing is just practice week 1 over and over again on normal until you almost perfect it. Like I spent an hour for 3-4 days and it really helped me a lot. In just 3-4 I got good enough to beat the game. So remember just almost perfect week 1 and then move on to week 3  then 4,5, and then 6(week 2 is harder than all the other weeks ;-;).

no way you have to be garbage to not do that

I like it, but you need to add more than collect toilet paper because its fun with all the mechanics but maybe make a new gamemode and possibly fuse it with this gamemode or something because it gets boring because all you do is the toilet paper mode.

the game isnt loading for me when it shows the unity loading screen the bar just stays empty anyone having the same problem with a solution

I like the original concept of finding an item and the RAGGEEEE. Its a pretty funny game but the lag from all the physics and all the objects falling is pretty bad. Overall its a cool game!

its a really good game. where did you get the idea of socks? its also pretty silly but in a good way! Please make the full game I love the graphics and the cool camera angles! If your gonna make a full game remember to add a flamingo boss fight, puzzles and lots of dialogue!

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I like the game a lot I like how you can explore and you have to do parkour and avoid the rats and spiders and stuff. good game!

Nvm I thought you need to equip it in the stairs so ignore this

I cant figure out how to equip the lighter I tried pressing z and the other controls. Maybe its a bug or the control is not listed but if you know please tell me how to equip the lighter.

There is a horror movie call the open house I don't knoW if this is based off it