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I enjoyed how scared I was while playing the first episode, and I still enjoyed the second episode too!

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EPISODE1 is up! Really enjoyed this game! Very unique with the messaging, looking forward to play EPISODE 2!

This, this is amazing.

The connection towards Mandela Catalogue is amazing.

The subtle slow burn type of detail, leaving us to question what the hell happened, I love it.

Totally hooked on this new creation. (2nd game in the video!)

Totally hooked on this new creation. (1st game in the video!)

Honestly loved the atmosphere! Only thing is it's redundant and will get stale after a while. My suggestion is to have multiple items (not just backpacks because it doesn't make my video :> ) I had fun recording this game, made a couple of fun bits/roleplays and jumpscare! (Although I didn't finish through all areas, still had fun!)

I played this way, way back few years ago and to this day, I still consider it as a very impactful game. The game wasn't as flourished as it is now, but for the build few years back and the build that is also on Steam now, both still gives a very amazing message.

I'm pretty late to the party but here is my gameplay!

It's actually difficult if you don't pay attention to where you go and how you use the calling mechanic. It's actually fun even if it took me a long time!

I loved all the jumpscare spots! Thanks Josthin for sending an email to play the game! Absolutely loved it!

It may be a bit stale because there's nothing too much into the game, I was actually expecting the "killer" to be more active but for what it is right now, it's awesome!

Here's my full complete 2.0 + secrets + eye + 2.0/final ending

Once again, there are no players online 2.0

Here's my full complete 1.0 + secrets + 1.0 ending + 100% save

Horror game but there are no players online.

Here's my full complete 2.0 + secrets + eye + 2.0/final ending

Once again, there are no players online 2.0

Here's my full complete 1.0 + secrets + 1.0 ending + 100% save

Horror game but there are no players online.

I enjoyed playing the game a lot. I'm a bit late to the party but that's okay! It was a fun experience especially got scared on the jumpscares so that's nice touch! I also like the actually making you experience anxiety, hence the title of the game.

Here's my playthrough!

Hey there! I just played your game! I must say, I enjoyed it and really got scared! I love the atmosphere and how the polaroid mechanic is being done. I really hope this becomes a full game!

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA | Madison - Rycopene

I just uploaded my video on the Version 1! I will actually play this game again and see what more secrets I can find. So far, here is my version 1 video!

I made a Let's Play of your game! As a Filipino, this was fun. 

I love the atmosphere and how the story played out. There were a lot of bugs but that's okay. I like how you put a couple of Filipino folklore around the map and all the "sacrificial" areas where mindblowing. All in all, I really enjoyed it!

This game was one of the scariest games I’ve played in a while! Thank you Underdog Games for giving me access to play and upload (and stream) the game few months back! Absolutely loved the experience!

Keep up the work!

Support local. :)

I got scared a couple which is always great! I like how smooth the gameplay is, so expecting more in the future!

Here's my gameplay! Hope you enjoy! 

Thanks to the developer for requesting me to play the game! I enjoyed the game and looking forward for more updates to come!

My review is all throughout my video (not really the usual review but everything I say on the video is generally what could possibly help the developer!)

This game reminded me of the RPGMaker and bit games back then that were near to my heart because I enjoy those genres and it's good that in 2019, there are still people who create these kinds of games that are generally fun to explore and mess around with.

Hope to see more! :)

Had a jumpscare that wasn't supposed to be a jumpscare! Quick and plain fun!

I made a Let's Play! 

Cool concept, except you get killed without seeing Slender anywhere so that's a bummer but good graphics and everything!

I will be recording more, honestly just because I sucked here haha but yeah, I'll be waiting for future updates to come!

Full playlist - 3 parts (roughly around 1 hour 20 mins total).

Thanks for the opportunity, Adam!




Here is my final episode (PART 3) of Adam: Lost Memories!

I enjoyed every single bit of the game! It is so amazing in every aspect!

I gave some insights and suggestions at the end of the episode, so here you go!

P.S. Why does the monster like to blair witch lol

As I go further into the the game, from the back and forth of trying to unlock a room/area is definitely repetitive but that's the thing with nightmares, dreams, etc. which makes sense for this game.

Here is PART 2 of my Adam: Lost Memories Let's Play!

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Hey! The developer sent me a Steam key yesterday and why not play the game! Here is PART 1 of my Adam: Lost Memories Let's Play!

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You must be getting tired of seeing me in the comments but I got RANK S! (This was Dark Mode...I'll be playing Chaos Mode when the lore update is out!)

I must be part of a very exclusive group ;)

Anyways, for those who needs a playthrough, here's my playlist:

Only got a very short taste of the demo, didn't take me that long to finish though props to the graphics and atmosphere in the game.

Would be nice to have a couple of video settings so we can change the quality easier (getting a couple of frame issues even though I have a strong GPU) but all in all, it has potential!

Good work!

CHAPTER 6 (GOOD COMPLETE ENDING) - Rycopene (Let's Play-Full Game)

Wow. Just wow.

Amazing game! It's been a while since I've really been invested in a horror game just like this! Putting RE2 aside (I got invested into that, but ok), this is the first indie horror game in a long time that I enjoyed! I mean, think about it. The story was amazingly well written. The game had the perfect pace to reveal bits of the entire story. You had to check everything if you want to get the complete ending. There are multiple endings to your game, and only you get to decide which you want to end with based on your actions (purposefully checking everything out or avoiding some parts of the game) and overall made it a very fun Let's Play!

I truly enjoyed every single bit of it. Now, on the other hand, I have to get the other 2 endings. So I'll be playing Dark and Chaos Modes to get both of those hopefully and under the new update! InvertMouse, I'll be waiting. :)

Link to video:

(at the time of this comment, video will be premiered in half an hour)

Hey InvertMouse! What's the time frame for those extra lore books update? Can't wait to see how that plays out! :)

Will the tutorial and extra lore books be a separate update? I'm guessing there will be some changes with how the game is played with the books...perhaps?

I'll be sure to play the next updates on Dark and Chaos Modes as promised. My last episode drops today. :)

Good luck and make the game more interesting than it already is! :)


CHAPTER 5 (CELLS) - Rycopene (Playthrough/Walkthrough/Let's Play)


In this chapter, the player has to activate multiple levers to unlock cells but it isn't that easy. Just like Chapter 3 (MAZE), you had to go make sure you remembered all the door patterns to get to the right cell.

What makes this harder is that you technically have 2 enemies. One, a VERY fast Chaos Servant and an eyeball that appears every now and again! Wow!

You will also find a lot of things that you've never seen before. A lot of the backstory will now make sense because of this chapter.

...oh and kinky heuheuh ;)

Link to video:

An invisible enemy is actually quite smart to be honest! It caught me off guard which is a good sign! :)

Although I don't know if this was meant to happen but one time got caught by him instantly after I entered a door, still invisible even if you peeked. Maybe a bug? 

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CHAPTER 4 (ROOMS) - Rycopene (Playthrough/Walkthrough/Let's Play)


In this chapter, the player had to activate all buttons in each room to lower down the podium. However, a teleporting/invisible enemy lurks as we progress into the story! We get to play new characters in this chapter as well!

I like how the story is being revealed little by little with each character explaining how the events have occurred and who started all of the chaos madness within the mansion and Clea's family.

InvertMouse, you did good! Didn't like the invisible enemy but that made it more interesting! :)

Have fun watching my video!

CHAPTER 3 (MAZE) Playthrough/Walkthrough

This chapter showcased the Chaos/Evil version of Clea and how a maze should be. A maze shouldn't be too confusing because that's literally the reason why mazes are hated but with this chapter, even though at first I was confused, I understood the cool aspect of the maze. There are doors and symbols that you have to remember to what each door leads to and how to progress into the story!

Link to video:

CHAPTER 2 (and well, final bits of Chapter 1 but ok) - July 12th, 2019 (At the time of this comment, 1 hour til premiere!)

IMPORTANT TO CONTENT CREATORSI just want to point out to content creators, such as myself, before uploading/streaming the full game, since it is the launch week, a request by InvertMouse (dev), only put up Chapters 1 and 2. After the launch week, you can upload Chapters 3-6 anytime. Please respect the dev's hard work and decision. CLEA wouldn't be possible without the amazing dev behind it. :)

But here it is, Chapter 2 of my playthrough! I just want to say that the game gets better and better through chapters. Not to spoil or anything but the whole  premise of Chapter 1 becomes a lot more difficult and fun in Chapter 2. Chapter 2's concept transferred over to Chapter 3 and became a lot more intense and eye-catching that you really have to focus and of course, having fun at the same time.

*Can we just admire the art style like omg. For a short game (technically short), it matches the same excitement I get when I play other games of the same art style and genre...or even better! I'm sucking up to much aren't I? Haha! I just love this genre. :<


SHAMELESS SELF PROMO TIME: I'll be posting Chapters 3-6 after the launch week so if you guys are stuck or anything, for those only picking up the game after launch week (or during, whatever floats your boat), feel free to check my videos out and serve as your walkthrough! Trust me, I make sure to make it funny, scary(?), playthrough/walkthrough style Let's Play so you won't be missing anything...or if you just want to watch me play this amazing game then even better. :3

(self promo sorry not sorry)


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Got it! Can you give me an estimate of how long each chapters go? (like normal playtime just so I have a very good idea and see how bad I'll be doing lmao!)

(EDIT) Actually a decent amount of time for each chapter! I've just began Chapter 3 and as I can see it, a lot of back and forth which is good!


Hi there! I have bought the game on steam and trust me, I love the ambiance it is giving me! At the time of this comment, my video will be premiered in an hour so for those who are here right now waiting for a sneak peak of the paid version, here you go!

But after an hour (July 11th), then you can freely watch it on my channel and will be public. :)

I definitely enjoy how the controls work and how the story is being paced, not too fast and not too slow, it's literally at the middle...and you say no jumpscares...oh are they not considered jumpscares...? Haha! I love these 2D story style type of games, brings out something special in storytelling.

I'm telling you, it's AWESOME!


I'll be playing and hopefully finishing the game on my channel, so with that if it is allowed Game Dev InvertMouse, I would like to post all my episodes in the comments since it'll be somewhat a full playthrough. It's okay if no, though! No hard feelings, I'll still continue playing! :)

I...I'm speechless. What do I even say? Anyways, check my video out!

Thanks for replying! I've double checked everything tho, everything's up to date plus I did reinstall the game multiple times as well so I really don't know what caused the problem. Other than that, keep up the good work! I'll be waiting for your next game and play it. :)

Hope you enjoyed my video!

Hello! Really hope you replied to my concern few days ago instead of avoiding it. Anyways, I had fun playing the game. The jumpscares were funny and fun to experience. Also played with the physics of the things around. Hope you guys enjoyed my video! Had a lot of jumpscares which is always great for content!

You did an amazing job honestly just the audio not being picked up sucks but overall a fun game!

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You gotta stop spamming in the comments.

Anyways, unzip the downloaded file, open "missed messages"

folder, open "missedmessagesWindows" then click the exe file "missedmessages..exe" and there you go! :)

Or alternatively, using the itch app, press launch. Voila!