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Hey there! Thanks for sending the email about your game!

I made a gameplay video about this, but what makes my gameplay different than the others? I provided some STGOs or something to grow on for your next release.

I really hope you take constructive criticism that I gave into consideration. (Found in the end of the video, but I think you should watch my gameplay first!)

Why did I give constructive criticism?

I respect all your work, and all the things developers do. This is simply things you can bring into the future. I wouldn't be doing this if something was missing.

It was a beautiful game. You should fix the framerate issues, and the stale gameplay. Most of the gameplay was redundant. You could say the story is cliche. Branch out a little. More notes are in the end of my video!

*This is not a way to hate on the game nor the developer. This is simply something to give insight and to improve any upcoming releases :D

Hey there! I played the game! It was fun, but gets redundant and stale as you play for more than 3-5 mins. But hey, I did a 10 minute video!


I made a gameplay of your work!

I enjoyed everything about it. Show me some love. ;)


I made a video about it! Although I just dicked around because there is no real objective in the game, it was still fun!

I love this game. Can't wait for the official release! 

Here's my video about it!

Raft community · Created a new topic Rycopene - Raft #2 :)

Here's my episode 2 to Raft. Enjoy!

I made a video about it! The concept is really cool. I enjoyed it. Although it took me  a while to finish a puzzle early in the game, I still enjoyed it. 

What a beautiful and wonderful game. It doesn't need anything added to it. I managed to get lost a lot but that's a cool thing about it. It makes me explore more. I loved it!

Here's my video!

Filipino YouTuber here.

Check out my video and subscribe if you're new!

The game definitely is awesome. I enjoyed playing it.

Here's my video:

The things that should be changed are the crashing unexpectedly and lag during the LB feature whilst recording.

All in all cool game!

You open doors by clicking F. :)

Hope that helps!

Hilarious weird game! I just dicked around the town and did crazy stuffs.

All in all it was fun!

Here's my video! Hope you enjoy it! If you enjoy, consider subscribing!

*Commented on both and GameJolt

I loved the second chapter! The fact that those ink monsters were unexpected made me love it even more! I'll be waiting for the third chapter! Keep up the good work!

*This is being commented on both Gamejolt and

I made a video of the game! It's pretty interesting! Although, I saw other people's videos and they had the choice to end the game on the 11th paper, whereas I didn't get any. So I'm not quite sure if that was a thing or just a bug, but all in all, it made me reminisce the time I spent on Papers, Please.

I have just started the game on chapter 1! I'll be playing chapter 2 early next week!

I must say, the jumpscares and the ambiance made it really creepy and scary! Keep up the good work!

*This is being commented on both Gamejolt and

This was one of the creepiest games I've ever played! Throughout the game, it gave me chills down my spine and gave me a little scares! I don't know if I chose the correct choices but oh well, it's still an amazing game.

Hope to see more added to this game! I will definitely revisit this game to find more secrets deep within the game.

*Commented on both and Gamejolt

I love the game! This game has a lot of potential. I uploaded it on my channel, hope you guys enjoy watching! It is worth to buy the game. Hope you add more rooms or levels wherein it increases the difficulty each time.

Although I had a couple of weird moments as to not understanding what was going on, it is still a pretty cool game! I hope you can improve the mechanics in taking evidences as sometimes it doesn't take them making us stuck and wasting precious time.

*Commented on both Gamejolt and

The game completely showed the effects or what really happens in a time like that. The acting was well executed. The choices were a little bit confusing as to what you choose, but gives you a profound and complete ending to the chosen options.

I only got 2 endings as to make a YouTube video as short as it can be, but it is quite emotional and hard to deal with when it happens in reality.

As a person who puts his shoes onto every game whenever there is a choice, I would answer in a way that I would really say because being genuine to whatever you do is more important than faking anything from reality and this persona on YouTube.

If you enjoyed and want to see more indie games, horror, etc, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I am a small YouTuber who enjoys playing indie games, especially games with deep connection with the players themselves.

Check me out on YouTube! or search Rycopene, theratedrpg, voxpod

*This is being commented on both and Gamejolt

I bought the bundle because I really loved the game! It was so unique and interesting. Although had some problems and had a hard time finishing some levels, all in all it's a good game! Here's my videos for both games!



Ashi Wash was a weird, yet fun game! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't have much to it but that's okay. It is weird on it's own!

I really wish the game was longer, just like what the guy said below. Maybe including the other foot, or two feet at once. Increasing the difficulty as you progress into the game. All in all, it's good!

Ashi Wash was a weird, yet fun game! I really enjoyed it! It doesn't have much to it but that's okay. It is weird on it's own!

I really wish the game was longer, just like what the guy said below. Maybe including the other foot, or two feet at once. Increasing the difficulty as you progress into the game. All in all, it's good!

This game is hilarious! I gave up on the crouch level, wherein you need to go down for the scanner. But anyway, the game is awesome! I played a lot when I wasn't recording and I was enjoying every bit of it!

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I love the concept of the game! Although I keep failing, it made it so much funnier and amazing! Here is my gameplay of the game:

This gave me a sad vibe and I love it. I was able to share my insights, my opinion about what could happen to people who suffer from this disease/problem and I'm happy that I've played this game.

Sweet game! I enjoyed it, definitely!

What I meant to imply was the looks of the GPU. The sizes of its components. Going to edit that to make it clearer!

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First off, I enjoyed the game. I really think the game has potential to be an amazing game and introduction to people who wants to build computers.

My suggestions:

- To be able to include water cooling

- Full setup connection to test the build

- Computer parts able to re-adjust or change positioning/angle to soothe the builders expectations

- Make the game as realistic as it can get! Ex: The timing on pushing the GPU; manually clipping the RAM, manually putting the thermal paste, etc!

Additional things to change

- Fix the standoffs problem in the current version that doesn't let the screws go into place

- Resize the graphics cards (GPU) into realistic component sizes

- Ability to place fan on top and on the front compartment of the tower

ALL IN ALL, this is a wonderful game not just to beginners, but also to people who enjoys building towers like I do!

The concept of this game is one of the nicest concepts I've ever seen. It may seem redundant to most of the people, but it's being redundant because that's how life is even if you are facing problems nor in a cage locked in your own world.

It truly is an awesome experience. Hope to play more games made by Alonzu!

It's so fun and interesting at the same time. Sometimes tear-some and redundant, overall, it is a cool game!

Amazing game!

This is actually an interesting concept. Having multiple objects and multiple kinds of endings is actually a good way of presenting a game with multiple items. Cheers!

I played the demo! Good concept! Hope to play the full version when it comes out! Cheers!

Made a video of your game! It's actually awesome! Check my review if you want!