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Yes, a one-handed mode would indeed be nice.

What does the "triple sword slash" do?  I'm not seeing any apparent difference after picking it up.  Can still only do the single slash and damage hasn't changed...

I've only got two major gripes with this game:

First, no explanation is given on what the different modules do.

Second, there doesn't seem to be any way to completely stop the rotation of your ship.

Right, but like, where do I do it?  I appreciate you taking the time to help, but I'm afraid I'll need a bit more context than "the second one".  Are you talking about flirting with her on collection day?  Because I've done that a bunch of times but she still says no.

Which one is that?

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So, if Elizabeth refuses when I ask for her hair, is there any way to ask her again later, or is the dragon quest unwinnable now?  I'm almost 200 days in, and I *really* don't wanna have to restart just to gain the missing affection points for Elizabeth.

So is there a way to reposition existing parts?

So, is the laser the last thing you unlock?


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So I've recently noticed that the game will lock up for about 20 seconds every couple of minutes now.  It also will take about that long to start up.  Any idea what could be the cause?  I'm using the standalone Windows version.  It's probably just a coincidence, but it seems like the issue began the first time my money passed 1,048,576 (so, the first cyan block in the binary display).

Also, the game still crashes more often than not whenever you try and remove a part.

So...what all exactly does rinny's arc involve?  The wiki doesn't have anything on it, so I'm guessing it's only in LD+?

I think I might have soft-locked the game by doing some of the airship part dungeons before receiving the quest to collect the parts for the airship.  The parts that I already had didn't get crossed off in the quest entry, and now that I have them all, the quest entry is completely blank.

I also kinda forgot how to get to the quest giver on Port Island...