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well not everything in life is free, mate. plus the mods need the money to keep updating. paying $5 is a low price to keep the game available at all.

when I try to create an account I get 'error unsupported platform'. please fix this. also there's no shop on itch, so I can't buy the new skins. and, the game is so much worse without free chat. you can't even say good game after a round. please fix this to make the game more enjoyable!

what if you don't have steam

how do I get a steam key

I can't create a stupid account because the thing says unsupported platform what the hell I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME SDFJIGBSUYGSYGHSGIFUYG

can you get mods on for among us, or only on steam? like the Jester and Sherrif mods?

It's a process, everybody. Do you know how much time and effort goes into making a single movement animation? Just be grateful that this game exists at all. The developers are trying their hardest to release the new Airship map, and it's going to be amazing! So please, sit down, relax, and have patience.

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yes, but how?

on my pc, there's no shop, so how can I get pets?

Where can I buy pets?