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This game is very accurate. If you're trying to use fear mongering against the creator over some sort of Armageddon, you're late, and it won't work.

This is so accurate.

I'm 17 years old now. I was raised a jw. I loved it. But there was always a feeling of being trapped that this game portrays. It's almost been two years since I was disfellowshipped and this just brings back awful memories.

I dropped out of school to homeschool in 7th grade because I cared too much about my friends, and I had to care about Jehovah more. I was so lonely. My family supported me and my friends demonized me (as they should have. it is all in the past now, though.)

My older brother was also shunned. I had the exact same feelings that this game shows.

Just glad to see something that can finally explain what we all went through.