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why itch tells me " $13.99 USD" to get

what's in that file?

Do you have facebook or discord?

my discord is Ryan Ye#9728

sorry i still can't open it, the soundcloud told me:

"This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed - learn more"


You said there are 10 tracks but there are only two in the preview.

The sample on your soundcloud is now invalid

can u update it?

and one more question:

Can i buy

Morning Prance

Soft Winter

Adrift in Autumn

Summer's Circle

individually? because other BGM doesn't fit my game.

ok i will try yours!

BTW, do you have a discord or FB messenger? i am Ryan Ye#9728 told me "We couldn't find your page"



BTW, i have discord and facebook messenger, want to add u!

can i listen before purchase?

your music is awesome, but i don't think i can afford such a high price

can you give me some discounts?

what should i do if i want to use OGG format?

BTW, what is the font you use in this page? it's cute!!

Is there a place for me to listen before purchase? thank you!

"08travel2" this one is perfect on start but getting a little loud and noisy from 00:07 and 00:11, can you re-edit this one to make it fluent all the way? thx

any difference with the default MV shaking screen function?

i like your BGM, but i can't afford such a high price

can you make some discounts? thx!

i really like your BGM, i want to pay for the commercial license

any ways to do this? I am in China, and you?

what is your name? I want to give credits!

do you have a license file if i buy your music?

same question goes to "fantasy-rpg-piano-pack"

Do you have a discord or facebook messenger? I need some helps about your artworks, i really like yours!

can u provide a package of OGG format? thx!

can i listen before purchase?

what game genre does this BGM fit best? RPG? roguelike?

if I only have grid-free doodads plugin but don't have its extension

will your asset still work?

is this 18+ genre?

I have sent message in the name of "Ryan Ye", idk how i receive message back from you?

Do you have facebook messenger?

I want to buy some asset/maps , but you have soooooo many! My eyes are confused!

Can you give me some idea , i have already made a game demo. maybe you wanna add my discord if you have one?

Ryan Ye#9728

If i buy this asset, does it have a ".json" file for rpg maker MV, or should i build the map by myself?

hi there.

Can I use these charming HUD for my commercial games if I buy them?

two weeks passed, how time flies!

how is your progress on making 32x32 icon that you spoke of? LOLOL

that's good!

I want to notice you if i made any change, send screenshot of my edit and maybe ask for suggestions

so ... can i add your discord if you have it? my id is Ryan Ye#9728

Can i edit this map for my commercial games?

hi ladyluck!

is it compatible with MV?

hi there i found some missing files:

there are only 8 files in the folder "\10 - Shouting\Female\Meghan Christian", where is supposed to be 10

there are only 19 files in the folder "\6 - Miscellaneous\Male\Sean Lenhart", where is supposed to be 20

Can you create more maps? I like your maps soooooo bad!

And can i share your maps to my friends in discord?


hi Gimmer

I suggest you to describe these details on "how to use" part

1, Click the map name

2, Click the "+" symbol of the destination map (this step is key!!)

3, Click the button.

I have spent 5 minutes to find out what to do in step two, almost give up!

I have PHP in my PC, if you have some screenshots, maybe i can try

is this compatible with MV?

can there be any screenshots to show how this tool actually works?

this comes in handy!

now question time: what is your name?