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This looks great! Can you draw some cartoon or pixel art style that fits rpg maker?

hi!! I like your game VERY MUCH!

So is it possible for me to download it? Thanks


If the crystal is glowing animation, can there be any youtube link to preview the effect?

hi ladyluck!

how you doing recently? haven't heard from you for decades! LOL

hi there, do you have bandcamp or how can I buy your BGM individually?

hi hi, I know you!

is this you? LOLOL!

haha! ladyluck, this one is warrior heavy armor.

Can you create a mage's robe? LOL

Since this is also a fire element tileset, will it be good to use this with "phoenix" tileset of yours?

free stuff always comes in handy.

thank you!

Can you produce more with different style?

hi hi, I am your old friend , Ryan!

I am wondering is there a demo project that can be opened with rpg maker MV? I will buy it if there is any. Thx!

So you have new release!

waiting for you for DECADES!

I hate to ask but is there a jewelry shop interior tileset?

Yeah, I have been waiting for shop-related tilesets for long time!

I will buy this one!

Wow I super like this tileset!

Is it good to put it with Victorian and Tuscan tileset?

oh my goodness! I don't believe you have done such a splendid and marvelous job!

I will definitely buy this tileset!

how long will this $15.99 last?

There are so many interesting builds in this game, I have defeated the final boss and will definitely play it again!

I will give it a thumb up!!

Wow when I click the button on the upper right corner, I don't believe my eyes that there are SOOOO many upgrades and possibilities for the build!

I have beaten the final BOSS: The Sun. And my final score is 3528. I will re-start this game by trying another build for higher scores!

This small game really has a significant impact!!

Wow, chaucer!

Your game is finally released! congratz!

Can i send your game to my friends? LOL

Wow! These Boots are awesome!

Wow, Chaucer! It's quite been a while, how are you doing recently?

This plugin is very useful, thank you!

why these leggings are all aligned to the left not middle?



I think they are gauntlets and bracers! LOLOL  :D

So which shield you think is the best choice for a heavy armored centurion?

I cannot add friend by this name you mentioned

Can you add me? my discord is:

Ryan Ye#9728

Hi can i ask for "badly injured" and "death/defeated" for the "type 2" actor here? An email has sent to your gmail, check it out!

The first one looks like the helmet of Magneto  :D

Valuables such as Diamonds, Gems, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Ingot, Adamantine, and Obsidian!

Your artwork is marvellous! I like it!

hello, can you create a tool that can export/import 48x48 png files that works with MV/MZ?

Can you create an ice castle or snow castle?

My god, this is what i was looking for!

Your work is godlike! thank you!!

my god, you are so creative and productive!

I like your art design so bad!

is there a sample or demo for me to listen to before purchase?