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Wow, Chaucer! It's quite been a while, how are you doing recently?

This plugin is very useful, thank you!

why these leggings are all aligned to the left not middle?



I think they are gauntlets and bracers! LOLOL  :D

So which shield you think is the best choice for a heavy armored centurion?

I cannot add friend by this name you mentioned

Can you add me? my discord is:

Ryan Ye#9728

Hi can i ask for "badly injured" and "death/defeated" for the "type 2" actor here? An email has sent to your gmail, check it out!

The first one looks like the helmet of Magneto  :D

Valuables such as Diamonds, Gems, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Ingot, Adamantine, and Obsidian!

Your artwork is marvellous! I like it!

hello, can you create a tool that can export/import 48x48 png files that works with MV/MZ?

Can you create an ice castle or snow castle?

My god, this is what i was looking for!

Your work is godlike! thank you!!

my god, you are so creative and productive!

I like your art design so bad!

is there a sample or demo for me to listen to before purchase?

This is sooooooooo amazing. I will buy this without doubt!!

wow, I like your artwork!

this is splendid!!

hi! Can I use this for commercial games?

I cannot buy either this one or the bundle that includes this.

The page told me the "Pre-authorization is frozen" payment issue stuff

I have tried MANY other itch purchase, they all success.

Do you know how can i buy it? Can you not use something like "Pre-authorization" stuff so that i can buy it directly? Thank you!

Yours, Ryan!

what is your name if I want to give a credit to you?

I want to give credit to you so what is your name please?

hi , is this compatible with those text color change and text animation plugins?

Hi I'd like to credit you so what is your name? Just "master2015hp"?

hi Alex! Since I have just bought your this pack, can i have a license file(pdf is the best) that marks the ownership?

my name is : Ryan Ye

my game is : Soul Hero Adventure

thx! my email:

Wow, this game looks COOL! Can i send this game to my friend who don't speak english to play this game?

hi ladyluck. I have downloaded an Ysmael from you weeks before.

Is there any difference? any polish work i guess?

I am using win7 because win10 is ugly :D

I suggest you to use the KD's protector to protect his plugin before releasing your game. Otherwise this will result in a plugin compromising issue.

How can i see whether i got ".NET Framework 4.8" or not?

Can I create an Oasis? Is there a water tile?

Two quick question: what credit should I give? "Free Game Assets"?

second question: If your name is free, why everything has a price! why!

hi there.

Can you build air unit , like griffin?

Hi your image is cool, so what is your name?

I want to give the credit!

Can i use this in MV?

ok ok , i can wait for it!!

Can you reply this when you done? I will try it out as soon as I can!