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Ryan Prior

A member registered Feb 04, 2017

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My last play through was last evening, with Aquamarine 1.0.5 downloaded through Itch. I restarted my campaign and played through the tutorial. I’m not sure I got all the way to the end of the tutorial, because there’s lots of controls that it never explained- like surfacing, moving to other zones, repairing the ship, etc. I’ve been discovering those things by just clicking on everything, trial and error, until I discover some mechanic. But multiple times I had all the buttons stop responding, which I worked around by exiting the game and beginning again. Until it became tiresome anyhow, and I started wondering if I should wait a few more patch cycles XX

Thank you, on “small” the game performance is very acceptable! I would appreciate the ability to still stretch the game to full-screen, as it’s a pretty tiny window at that resolution. Someday I’ll buy a computer with an actual graphics card and I can replay my favorite games at high resolution XX

Another thing blocked me from getting very far in the game: it’s far from clear what the controls do, and sometimes it seems like nothing I press gives me any options. The only thing I can do is to press Esc repeatedly until the menu appears, press Q to quit, and resume again. Then more options become available, for a while, until they disappear again. I see you’re making updates frequently, I’ll try again next week!

Hi there! Big congrats on the launch, I’m excited to play!

Unfortunately the game has so far been unplayable for me. Two things contribute to this:

  • When I went for a dive, the text in the prompts that showed up all ran together such that the print was unreadable. Elsewhere (title screen, options, the “I need to get to my ship before it’s destroyed” text bubble) the spacing is fine and text is readable, but in the dive screen every text bubble suffered this problem.

  • My laptop has a large display resolution and integrated graphics, so Aquamarine running at full resolution is giving me ~3fps or worse on every screen, from the title to the dive interface and elsewhere. I tried these things to make the situation better: changed graphics quality to “low”, turned effects all the way down, and set particles to “low.” I could not notice any effect at all on the rendering performance. I always play games at far below the native resolution of my screen because that’s all you can afford on integrated graphics. Can you offer a control to change the screen resolution in the game options?

Thank you and again congrats, the game looks beautiful!

Wishlisting this & will buy when you release a GNU/Linux build! Looks exciting :)

Sweet! Can't wait to play.