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Unfortunately I can't get past the main menu on the Mac version, with any combination of clicking/keypresses I can figure out. :(

Nice gamedev-within-a-game mechanic!

Took me a while to figure out all the things I needed to do to not die. It gets hectic!

I also get an error, on the Mac version, trying to talk to the second character: 

On a Mac, if I try to run the unzipped .app I get "You can’t open the application “a-chill-hell” because it may be damaged or incomplete." However, I can run it from the command line with:  ./

This gives me the warning output here (in case that helps fix it), but the game runs.

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Took a little patience figuring out what to do, but I got there in the end and furnished my house! If there were some more development of the mechanics (maybe being able to check the inventory and see a furniture "recipe", with multiple rounds of house-furnishing) I could see where this could be fleshed out into a fuller game.

Hoistin' is definitely in there! :)