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Happy b-day!

Ah, good, good. Honestly very reassuring this isn't intended to be too similar to Doom. Thank you!

Going off the demo, and speaking as someone who played through Doom's 1 and 2 and still gets frustrated at its intended style of gameplay (so do bear with me if I express an issue with something considered totally normal)...

First wanna mention the positive's: the weapons give you a real sense of power, with the chargeable punch one-shotting most things and the cannon serving as a piercing napalm launcher.  I also appreciate that the game takes the time to let me know that, much like Doom, it encourages aggressive play, moving around, and trying to overcome the bumps in the road. It's a small thing, but without it, I prolly would've quit playing out of frustration. Worth mentioning it does execute those aspects pretty well.

So, now the negative's: enemies move a lot faster than I remember from DOOM and while that's probably fine as a concept, sometimes it gets to a point where they can easily swerve right to your backside, making it hard to hit 'em or maybe dodge. Bruisers in particular are hard to hit even after downed, tried to land a punch after kicking 'em and it'd either get blocked for being a smidge late, or it just misses entirely. Lacking input buffer for shooting is also a pain in situations where enemies are plentiful. I'd wonder why I'm not doing a 2nd charge-punch in succession and realize "oh, I never started it in the first place."

Not sure if I'll look forward much to the full release, but I'll keep it on my wishlist. The demo started out rough for me and yet I came out feeling satisfied to have beat the one level it provided. It's not easy for me to go into difficult games, with the thought I may not get much progress out of it; it can be a real, stressful grind sometimes. However, it's due to this game's difficulty, alongside the options it gives its players, that that feeling of exhilaration becomes very much present throughout my whole little run.

I dunno, I've typed enough. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what I stated and how (or if) you'll be taking it into consideration.

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Thanks, I can set remap my buttons now! Though, there is still issues regarding menu controls and button mappings resetting to default upon quiting a match.
The combat is dope, just a lil janky with the collisions and maybe the consistency of air combos right now? I try to go for delayed j. attack juggles and sometimes I can follow those up and sometimes I can't.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can't push people by walking/dashing into 'em. Is that intentional?

Haven't gotten to fiddling with gameplay yet, but I can't seem to reassign buttons when prompted using a DS4 controller. I should prolly add that menu controls also feel inconsistent, options using d-pad while the main menu uses analog is one instance I remember.

This is a really cool concept so far, but I've had plenty of instances where I had to reset due to not knowing the layout of the area, as opposed to me making a miscalculation. I think a feature to get a view of the whole level would be very convenient for a puzzle game like this so players can make more informed decisions on how they progress.

There's consistent frame drops around the start of 2-4 I don't believe I experienced before. Wonder if it has something to do with offscreen enemies still trying to shoot the player.

I see, appreciate the response!

Would it be possible to update this demo with CPU AI (or at least the ability to set a CPU up to serve as an idle training dummy) and graphics settings at a later point?

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Criticisms and suggestions after playing the early demo...
- While I was able to figure things out like being able to aerial drift and better avoiding obstacles while jumping off rails, tips sprinkled in the game each loss or somewhere may prove convenient for players that get discouraged easily or may not realize certain possibilities with the controls. I can understand just letting people realize these techniques themselves though.
- The timer is a lil too strict sometimes; quite unforgiving towards loss of momentum or a couple crashes. Are more time bonuses beyond checkpoints being considered?
- Upon landing a Hurricane Drift, there are moments where I might have performed it too late and ended up trading blows between the car and the attack. Would giving the attack invincibility frames make it too overpowered?
- There are moments where the player's car might go fast for them to react to what's ahead due to vehicles and/or flying dummies blocking their view. It's because of this that I feel maybe the Boost Tackle's active time should depend on the player's current or max speed attained, so the player doesn't have to be too cautious.
- Police car tends to hit me sometimes when moving back to its position in front of the player car if they were not struck before.
- This one might be an iffy take, but with drifting being vital to playing the game to the point where you are allowed to perform it on straight roads, coupled with the strict timer, the ability to simply drive normally feels less important than it should and makes me believe I should always be drifting instead. Of course, I could just not be realizing how many times I had to not drift, but I thought I'd still put this thought out there as well in the chance that something could be done about it.

All that aside, I really enjoyed the demo and I look forward to the full game!