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This was a pretty cool demo! It took me a while to figure out how to play, but once I read the comments and realized that I missed the readme file, it was a blast! I was kinda hoping to get to fight the old guy at the end, but that's ok. I liked the variety of enemies, especially being able to hit the projectiles back at the plants. And when the big ash monster appeared, I thought it was the end of the game (lol I got scared), until I saw that there were two more and I figured out how to beat them. Overall gameplay was smooth, although I ran into a framerate issue when returning to the menu and starting the game again - restarting the whole game fixed it. But anyway, thank you again for this demo, I enjoyed it!

I thought I would try this game out since everyone is playing it. It's waaaaay harder than it seems.

This game really got me! I scare pretty easily anyway, and I was expecting jumpscares, but a lot of them were really good ones. I especially liked the subtle ones where you see something out of the corner of your eye, or just for a split second, but without much of an audio cue. Thanks for making this game!

This was a fun game! For some reason the game audio didn't get recorded in the video even though I heard it while I was playing. But other than that, this is a neat game that I had fun trying to get a pup petting streak!

This is a very cool game with some unexpectedly difficult decisions. I never would have thought I would have to choose between traditional, aggressively fun, and inspirational graduation cards lol. Even though I kept getting Sasha and Natasha confused for some reason (totally my fault for not paying attention), I really enjoyed the story that this game tells. Thank you for an excellent game!

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Thanks for making this game! I had fun playing it!