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This is how developers should encourage players lmao 🤣

A wild Ghengis khan has suddenly appeared! 😅

uh.... you got any screenshot from magicavoxel for that? 😁

I agree, ever since I discovered pixel dungeon years ago, watabou has continued to be more awesome since 😁

not to mention, pixel dungeon is open source and has spawned and inspired multiple other games 💪

noices 🤣

😅 This made me chuckle. lol, we all do silly things sometimes

this made me lol hahaha. tis true anyway 😆

I got 3723 for my first run lol 😅

yeah, this looks a tad bit easier from what i originally wanted to learn: Godot engine lol 😆

might just start from here and progress on later and see where I end up 👍

me too...

sort of 😅

interesting card. 🤔
😅 now you *might* have inspired me by chance to check this little tool called Bitsy out.

might make one of my own for no reason at all lol.😆

also good luck learning and making more games 😉

isn't this supposed to be a spoiler? lol 😅

i agree with you :)

this was quite a fun/gun and cute game, but really i was quite amused as the levels go higher, your "doggo" keeps growing muscles lol, too much hyper ahahaha he must be eating protein powder along with his dog food lol.

i reached wave 7, he keeps pulling me to death hahahaha