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what is the hack everyone is talking about

sorry i dont have that much knowledge in guns i just know what i see in the games

i want a lmg such as minigun or browing m9 or the buzzsaw from farcry 4

i tried 1000 bots and my laptop crashed

thanks i also think they would make a great addition too :)

meaning if he is going to make the multiplayer keep the offline version

if you do make multiplayer a thing please make an offline mode plus add crosshairs if you cant thats ok

for the AR's i want the mk11 (single shot) for the pistols i want a 44. magnum

glad you like it

forget the mp5 and put in a mp7 and no m14 maybe the FAL but put the mk11 single shot and put a revolver in the game

no problem

you added a DMR(Designated Marksman Rifle) even though it was not the MKII it shows me you listen to your fans keep up the great work :D

yes i would LOVE a D-Day map too

mini gun

multiplayer maby but also keep offline

as long as you add a revolver based weapon and a mk11 ill be very happy

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hey when you put in the new guns please put in mk11 and 44.magnum they are my fav weapons in bf4 please i beg on you on my hands and kness

just get a mouse thats what i did

hey this game is amazing i mean like this is battlefield in minecraft so keep doing a awesome job oh 1 more thing keep the game 100% free ok dont add bouns stuff for money cuz for me it kills the game but anyway gr8 game m8