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oh goddamit shut it already why are you even here if you hate nuns in games

the perfect game ideal for anyone all ages

if you bought it on go to the account you bought it on and download it again

when winrar gives you the message "trial has ended/buy winrar" just press the x winrar has an infinite trial you dont need to buy it lmao

i feel like learning an better game engine and learning coding so i can make even better stuff but ill see there is an slight chance that this game will be finished someday

restart? or reinstall

use the contact forum on his website to tell him about it

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really? my first game i made was on gamejolt only for like 10 minutes cause it was bad

the ending is glitched apparently ill update it

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:) (you shouldve walked more into the caves it didnt end there but good video still)

versus sounds fun but ill see if it can fit the map of the finished game because the gameplay will be very P.T like so its event based more than just avoiding and hiding

post under this if you would like the full game to have an multiplayer mode coop? versus? gamemodes? any requests are appreciated

thank you for the support. i will be releasing the game hopefully in under 2 weeks.

yes its an extremely short demo but its mainly just to showcase the style of the game the full version will be out hopefully in under 2 weeks.