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Love this project, glad to see an update even tough it is somewhat finished

The game is incredible, I suck at this type of games, but it is still lots of fun, this has evolved really great, got the time to try the Windows version and it looks and feels so good. Great job. A great challenge. I didn't know Riri before this, but I thinks It's time to start watching her streams

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Haven't tried the Windows version yet, but at least the Android one crashed Bluestacks 5 lol. Yeah, my phone is shitty and can't run something like that. Don't know if that could be useful info

Tardó su tiempo, pero los cambios que mencionas hace que haya valido la pena, espero recordar dar un buen feedback

Thank you for this long explanation of what happened and how the game works with a step by step story, instead of just saying the game doesn´t work because reasons. Great detective skills!

Looks really good

Se me olvidó escribir el feedback xd, pero fuera de la dificultad que ya estás viendo, las interfaces se ven muy bien y me gustó mucho el estilo que tiene. Lo de los fanarts me parece una idea bastante interesante. Va muy bien.

Great work, looking forward to see it on action

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Not that bad time, I didn't read the description so I had no idea that it was about killing myself, I think that is a pretty creative and fitting idea. The inclusion of level editor and being speedrun supported makes this wonderful. Thanks

I can help with Spanish if needed, however like Okami said, it shouldn't be that far from Google

Heaven with every update. Thanks, I will use it to get my friends into the rabbit hole

It looks really good

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It's a wonderful game with a really well made story. I almost cried

Wasn't able to win once, but I think that's because I'm stupid. Lots of fun, simple, but really effective. Thank