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Amazing job, i must say. If you could do full release game, i will be one of many that will paid for this (if you approached the game design like amarita design ((machinarium / botanicula). GG.

hey thunderhorse studio. i will be your fan because of this game, and i am praying as this game will be good product that will sold as much as hollow knight / owlboy / dead cells. i am truly fascinating with the animation, the character design, and the battle design.

here is my gameplay if you guys wanna see a tiny bit of amazing gameplay from this game; 

I will looking for this one on steam / pc release.

Godspeed, Thunderhorse studio.

for first impression, this is candy for your eyes. unique gameplay mechanic and interesting for how we suppose to find out ourselves how we should do things in the game that is actually smart, like most farming-theme game, this is good example from an indie developer. i amazed as well that this is like mini - open world, because some idea with this game can related on open-world genre nowadays (2017-2018 ? ).

have fun watchin this, and enjoy. and, thanks dev team. it is need more tweakin, so dont lose hope .

Thanks for the beautiful, chill, relaxing experience you produced in this game. Kinda confused at first, but yeah. Everything is good in here.

If any of you that curious about this game, check my test in here . Thanks.

No worry though, dev team. People will still looking for your work. And, the game is quite good too , to be honest. We will gonna remember this game. That Mintendo just get butthurt hearing "Mario" word from someone but not them. God bless you ASMB team.

Here is my First 22 Mins (Blind and Clueless) of No mario's sky :