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Adorable game. I personally had a hard time with diagnosis is but I absolute love the idea of the game and the art style!

This game is so fun!  I find the contrast between the art style and the contents of the game to be super cool.

This game is the cutest thing I have ever seen. The art style and colour pallete is flawless and aesthetic. I will absolutely be playing this game again!

Excellent concept and execution! This game is definitely addicting, I can play it for hours. The art is absolutely adorable. 

this is a wonderful idea for a game! I love the fun art style. personally I am both a slow typer and a slow thinker, so I was not able to get very good at the game, but I'm sure people who are a little faster then I am will find this game super enjoyable. 

This game is absolutely adorable. I love it! The really simple art style contrasted with the realistic surroundings is amazing. Will be playing 100 times over.