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omg i am hella excited for this to come out ^w^

Still remember when I first played this 4 years ago and how much I enjoyed every moment of it, thank you for making a game that contributed to some of the happiest moments of my life.

Thanks i really appreciate it, really enjoyed this game and the art style was really good to me so it honestly would have been a shame if this game got left in the dust because flash player is gone, thank you ^-^

Any chance that this will be made downloadable now that flash player is gone?

true, honestly the censored version is good enough especially because it's free

It's sad that this games never gonna be continued

pretty fun and fairly easy after like 2 tries, would like if there was more with different scenes and music tho, overall a good game tho so keep up the good work

Bought the manor that is on an island, how do i get there?

Just do something to progress to the next day

Love it, keep up the good work.

Thanks, it made me a little sad but thats what i loved about it

Thank you for making such an amazing game, if you make anymore games in the future i will make sure to play them

Love this game, it kinda hit close to home though.
Here's my YT video on the game

Love it

Loved it, gave a realistic view of the aspect of a  gay teen

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I have gotten all current endings but i still love this game, did anyone else cry while playing this game because i did.

anybody else still love this game even in 2020, because i do


It's 2020 and i still love this game


Did a few youtube videos about this game and i really enjoyed it but im still confused about 1 thing, what was noelle's sexual orientation?

been waiting for full game for almost a year now

I feel bad, i got the suicide ending on the first try

Can i put this on my youtube channel??

I tried windows and max because my brother wanted this game for his computer as well and he has a mac but when i tried both neither of them worked.

Same, i thought it was my computer so i restarted it but it still wont download.

Beautiful game and the memes made it even better

that dragon ball super music made me laugh when it came on.