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French :

Version longue sur :

Version courte : Early Access très propre pour ce mix Slay The Spire / FTL. Des cartes, du tour par tour, de l'espace avec du joli pixel-art : j'attends avec impatience la sortie définitive de ce roguelike très sympathique au gameplay pas forcément original mais qui fonctionne parfaitement.

English :

Very neat Early Access for this Slay The Spire / FTL mix. Deckbuilding, turn based combat, space exploration with nice pixel-art: I'm looking forward to the final release of this very nice roguelike with a gameplay not necessarily original but which works perfectly.

Really nice ! Clever writing, lovely way to tell a story.

Couldn't pass the second level, can't jump long enough to cross the gap. I tried with one jump ability, then with two, but it didn't work.

Didn't give any fish, I throw the NPC in the water before I had a chance to catch fish :)

It's a really good little game and I had a lot of fun playing it.

Good job people, can't wait for your next game ;)

I was wondering the same question, is there a way to play this with friends online like Nidhogg ? Is it planned ?

It would be awesome.

Nice game btw, good job !

Oh that's very nice of you ! Thanks, I'm starting the download right now.

It worked fast and smoothly, I'll try it tonight ;)

Have a nice day too !

I tried a few times to download this game but I never reached the 100%... best I got was 1.38 on 1.44 Go.

Too bad :/