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This is a lovely wee game - I played it with my son this afternoon, using his Lego minifigs as miniatures. We used spells to get through closed doors and had a couple of run-ins with the family dog...

I played this with my high school English class at the end of our study of Macbeth, keeping the setting and changing the characters: our story ended with the young prince, caught destroying the queen's finest silks and furs in an attempt to make her notice him, getting caught in the act and murdering the intruder, only for his cruel mother to condemn him to be buried alive...

We did it! Thanks for the help :-)

That's really helpful, thanks - I never would have thought to knock the fence down! Can I ask one more question-is there a way out of the sewers, or do you have to do that as the final part of a gold run? I always get stuck down there and in the museum... 

This was really fun! Got it in the Bundle for Racial Equality & played it through with my son - the pants-ripping animation at the start of each run never got old :-) We explored the whole map and uncovered some secrets, like finding a friend for the pantsless guy in the garden. Things we didn't get:

* What are the collectibles that make a whirring noise whn you pick them up? Do you need to get them all in one run?

* How do you get the pants in the alley between the museum & the record store?

* Is there an ending sequence - do you have to find every pair in one run, or with the same character across multiple runs? Every time I restart the pants are greyed out...

Thanks for adding this to the bundle!