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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

I'm always grateful of feedback of any kind, thank you. I've been encouraged by the comments to keep going with this one, adding a scoring system won't actually affect the general feel of the game after all I don't think based on what people are saying.

Thanks. I will go and find that Mountain game to see what it's like. Thanks for your comment, I've had a few really great suggestions about how to make the game better. Your suggestion and the others have encouraged me to continue working on it further.

Good suggestions, thanks! I'm really glad you liked playing it.

This is such a fun game and it has a lovely feel about it. Nice job.

Hey, thanks for your comment! I wanted to created a playable game in a really simple form. I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

Hi. I wanted some sort of moving background that acted as a distraction. I had intended to have the squares bounce off the containment circle but the way I did it, I thought that it didn't look as good as I had planned. Thanks for commenting! 

Thank you! I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple as that's often the best way. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! I am learning Unity at the minute but my games don't look as polished as I would like them yet.

Hi, thanks for your great comment. I had toyed with the idea of more challenges, such as have the player control two containment circles at the same time but I just kept it simple due to time constraints. I'll save it for version two!

Hey thanks! I find Scratch is great for prototyping ideas quickly.