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I came here looking for contact details for you to see if you wanted to test me game. I've had me head down for so long, I've missed your latest games. I really like this survivor game. I've not played many games of this type but I enjoyed this one. I see from the comments you lost interest and didn't add the audio. Maybe after a break, add some sound effects? I think it would be brilliant with a little bit of audio.

I saw a screenshot of this the other day and was really interested to see what it's like. I think the idea behind it is great and I really enjoyed playing it.

Thank you for such a nice comment. The parcel delivery job is the main mechanic (admittedly, not that clear but you get your orders from the shop) but there are many more little Easter eggs to discover, like the gambling machine in the shop, a secret to discover about the burgers in the diner and farming. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed playing your game. It was fun. Good job!

I love this so much. I too was a huge fan of Ceefax as a kid and this game captures it really well. Nice job!

What an interesting idea, really enjoyed playing this. I especially like the blue line split screen. Maybe add a level reset button to make it easier to restart levels.

That's a great comment to read, thank you. I'm struggling with focus and motivation at the minute and this game was a way to force myself to start creating again. Thank you!!

Thank you! I was trying to  experiment with building a minimalist game that's fun to play.

That's what I was going for. It's not a very long game so it gets difficult quite quickly. I was worried it might be to much too quickly.

21! I think I know where in the game that is. It's not a very long game so the difficulty ramps up quite quickly. Thank you for giving it a play.

Thank you. I was going for minimalist but addictive.

I really like the smoothness of the player's sprite. Well done.

I'm glad you liked my game. My son found the same issue earlier today too, thanks for letting me know.

Hey, thanks for playing and commenting. I find myself learning with every game submitted to a game jam and try and factor in suggestions made by people into my next entries. Thanks again.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

This is such a fun game and it has a lovely feel about it. Nice job.

Hey, thanks for your comment! I wanted to created a playable game in a really simple form. I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

Thank you! I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple as that's often the best way. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! I am learning Unity at the minute but my games don't look as polished as I would like them yet.

Hi, thanks for your great comment. I had toyed with the idea of more challenges, such as have the player control two containment circles at the same time but I just kept it simple due to time constraints. I'll save it for version two!