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I love this so much. I too was a huge fan of Ceefax as a kid and this game captures it really well. Nice job!

What an interesting idea, really enjoyed playing this. I especially like the blue line split screen. Maybe add a level reset button to make it easier to restart levels.

Thank you! It's hastily put together but I'm pleased I got it working and people enjoyed playing it.

That's a great comment to read, thank you. I'm struggling with focus and motivation at the minute and this game was a way to force myself to start creating again. Thank you!!

Thank you! I was trying to  experiment with building a minimalist game that's fun to play.

That's what I was going for. It's not a very long game so it gets difficult quite quickly. I was worried it might be to much too quickly.

21! I think I know where in the game that is. It's not a very long game so the difficulty ramps up quite quickly. Thank you for giving it a play.

Thank you. I was going for minimalist but addictive.

Thank you!

I really like the smoothness of the player's sprite. Well done.

Thank you for leaving a comment. I wanted to make a game that appealed to my way of thinking. You have to toggle the trees and houses to completely build across the whole woodland. Inspiration for this game came from a light up puzzle that someone had made in the real world and I instantly liked the idea. It's stuck with me for years and was nice to explore the idea after so long.

Thank you! I had experimented with a number of building site sounds but I think alternating between a couple of simple hammering sounds will work really well. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you. I would like to continue developing it and incorporate levels to ease the player in gently.

Thank you for taking the time to comment, I'm really pleased you enjoyed playing  the game.

Thank you! I'm really pleased you liked the game and I'm grateful to you and the others for taking the time to offer feedback, it all helps enormously.  

Thanks for the feedback, it's these sort of suggestions of improvement that I look forward to. Thank you for taking the time to play my game and comment.

That's a great comment to welcome in the New Year, thank you. Writing is not my strong point but practicing to get better with the blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my game.

I'm glad you liked my game. My son found the same issue earlier today too, thanks for letting me know.

Hey, thanks for playing and commenting. I find myself learning with every game submitted to a game jam and try and factor in suggestions made by people into my next entries. Thanks again.

Hi there, thanks for the comment. This is a really good point, thanks. I did try to incorporate a visual indicator with the changing colours of both the insects and the predators but a percentage meter is a great suggestion. 

Hi, I genuinely appreciate your comments, thanks for taking the time. You're absolutely right in what you're saying. For me these game jams are a way for me to explore new ideas (good or bad) that I wouldn't normally consider but also to help get over the nervousness of submitting projects for everyone to see.

I have learnt a great deal from this entry, and the points you've raised all help with my learning and understanding.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

I'm always grateful of feedback of any kind, thank you. I've been encouraged by the comments to keep going with this one, adding a scoring system won't actually affect the general feel of the game after all I don't think based on what people are saying.

Thanks. I will go and find that Mountain game to see what it's like. Thanks for your comment, I've had a few really great suggestions about how to make the game better. Your suggestion and the others have encouraged me to continue working on it further.

Good suggestions, thanks! I'm really glad you liked playing it.

This is such a fun game and it has a lovely feel about it. Nice job.

Hey, thanks for your comment! I wanted to created a playable game in a really simple form. I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

Hi. I wanted some sort of moving background that acted as a distraction. I had intended to have the squares bounce off the containment circle but the way I did it, I thought that it didn't look as good as I had planned. Thanks for commenting! 

Thank you! I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple as that's often the best way. Glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks! I am learning Unity at the minute but my games don't look as polished as I would like them yet.

Hi, thanks for your great comment. I had toyed with the idea of more challenges, such as have the player control two containment circles at the same time but I just kept it simple due to time constraints. I'll save it for version two!

Hey thanks! I find Scratch is great for prototyping ideas quickly.