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will the nsfw update be coming out? or was it cancelled?

almost made me cry from how sweet it was. glad i could find a story from the earth. :>)

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i'm surprised this is still being updated! i used to play this years ago (i think. it was before the covid happened so i'm pretty sure it was years ago.) and i thought it was abandoned when i played it. meanwhile theres comments from 41 minutes ago as of writing this! looking forward to the future of this game!

i'm having  the same problem as dark, how do i fix it?

I'm broke and don't have one, i probably should have worded as not requiring a VR system (sorry for being late to reply)

is there a mod page for this? or a collection of mods anywhere? i'm shit at 3d modeling (and also super lazy) so i'm just wondering.

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is there anything similar to this for pc?

edit: For windows specifically.

would there ever be a way to download this and get desktop ants?

this one is the prototype version. it doesn't have multiplayer, and may be missing a lot of content as the creators probably dropped it after they made it onto steam as a paid game. plus the graphics compared to the steam one are pretty bad, just compare the ones from the steam game page to this game page and you'll see the difference. i'm broke though so i'm gonna get this one. i'll let you know if a lot of stuff is missing once i play it.


too bad i have no money looks good

needs more slime pies and faygo.