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Thanks for the great feedback! 

Yeah, if you're able to collect them both, you certainly can have sword and shield at the same time.

I had lots of ideas for the game... but due to the memory limitations of the competition I wasn't able to add them all. Like adding a town with a shop for the gems, the ability to go both up and down in the caves, various enemy types and bosses to hunt down etc... 

Perhaps if there is enough interest, I'll keep the project going!

it's all yours!

Yeah, I'll make it available here for download in about 3 weeks. I have to wait till the competiton ends first, or I'll be disqualified!

Thank you! No, you can only go deeper. As you progress, you can find better equipment, but the enemies also get a little more challenging. 

I'd love to add more features but the competition introduces very tricky memory limitation.

thank you!

Thanks for this, I'll take a look, especially point 2... interesting!

The actual final release on tape for real hardware will load differently, and I have double checked this conforms with the rules of the competition.