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RK Wilde

A member registered Mar 25, 2020

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I have had the honor of playing Heaven Nor Hell more than once, and I must say, this game accomplishes its purpose so well.

Whether playing as two ancient gods from different pantheons, or a group of misfit immortals from different cultures, Heaven Nor Hell is BUILT to create tension. 

I especially appreciate the section on the type of relationships you can play. As someone who has an extensive chosen family, being able to define individual relationships with people while still knowing as a group that you love everyone there, is so powerful. Love is not treated as inherently romantic or sexual in the game, but is rather treated as love; open, steadfast, and caring. 

The 10 prompts you are given for the game are specific enough to give you ideas, but vague enough to let you design entirely different scenes. In the multiple times I've played the game, I've gotten some of the same prompts, but the scenes that were created were wildly different. A scene in Grecian baths with philosophers in the background fighting with a plucked chicken, and a scene of a beach picnic with a proposal were pulled from the same prompt.

The game is inspired by Good Omens, but it goes so far beyond it. You are in charge of the ship here, you decide how you feel and develop your characters and their story.

This game is perfect for someone you're romantically involved with, a polycule, or even a close friend. 

As per usual, Kienna has done incredible work, and this game remains as one of my favorites.