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Rushing Pixel

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Thank you, downloaded right away! (I'm poison/Singular Crew on CSDB ;) )

At game over, the score graphics had glitches too (I made 125 and the character for 5 was buggy as I remember), but I meant corrupted high score after the next round: If you do a score over 100, the next game - regardless of it's resulted score - overwrites the high score.

Seems like if you do over 100, it corrupts the high score on next round. Still I love it :D

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Addictive. Is it normal that I have changing border colors? (downloaded from CSDB, played using WinVice 3.2, corrupted high score after red border color and score of 125)

I plan to go on with updates here only when a desktop version goes into development. ATM it is near to be finished for iOS...

Thanks! :)

Thank you, Laci!

Surely, I've pulled that slider over, but won't leave it this way. Thank you for following the updates and hope to see you at PixelCon!

Hope, you will like the upcoming changes too :)

Hint for the last level: Guitar Hero :)

You are right and I plan to revamp the input. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! According to the responses I got so far, it seems worth a second round. Hope, you will check back!