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I would LOVE to see a longer version someday :D

Very short but very likeable >.<

I played this at 2 am so I think i got a bit more creeped out than usual lol. I LOVED the puzzles too, just the right difficulty for me.

would be GREAT  to see the full version someday :D

So I played the game, had fun and then it took me such a loooooooooooong time to realize that the title is a pun lol

I LOVE fun games like these pls make more thx :P

I never played the original :( but I LOVED this one. Its atmosphere was already so creepy, and those mannequins just added to it. 

Also I had a cold and that's why I sound like a weasel while playing this lol

This game is so tense lol I was on the edge at all times. great job, can't wait for a bigger game :D

Here's me playing the episode 2 till the end,  I am so slow with puzzles lol. but enjoyed every moment of being stuck.

This episode is honestly so amazing. I played episode one as well but i thought it dragged a bit, this one really blew me away! good job everyone!

I got so scared in some parts of this game, and I am the kind  of person that gets scared by jumpscares very easily.  i usually don't want to play games after they jumpscare me but i couldn't put this down. this game is so much different and soooo much fun!

I LOVED the puzzles, and the flow of the game. Come out with more pls :D

Hey look it's your mom in the thumbnail :D

lol legit a good game though. thanks to the developers for already checking out the video before i even posted a comment here. you can check it out if you want to as well ^^

Finally a game that I can relate to  ;-;

I think what's great about this game that it makes people like me who don't know anyone schizophrenic in real life, really aware and understand what they go through. Brilliant game!

I had not slept all night when I played this game and playing it made me more insecure so I couldn't sleep for three more.

I thought this game would be boring, but I actually ended up having a lot of fun in the game. Also the soundtrack is so good ;-; 

I was completely creeped out by the game lol, very eerie. also i was very confused because i have never played P.T. but i loved this!

I am too stupid for this game lol

It's fine after I downloaded it through the app. For some reason I tried 3 times with chrome but it used to show the same error message.

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I am not able to extract the files of the latest version in WinRAR. The error message shows 'Unexpected end of archive'. I am using Win 10 64bit.