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Great  game. It kept me on my toes the whole time, I was expecting something to be in every room which reallly added to the tension.

I had a lot of fun, fantastic work! :D

I loved the music in the game :D It also looks very different than anything I have played.

of course it was confusing but I hope that will become clearer with the future story updates :))

Loooool thanks for watching it and subbing!

I couldn't finish the game because I am really not good with jumpscares lol, but I LOVED the concept!

Great game overall :D

Great little memey fun game lol 

The only issue I had, which others have mentioned, is me having to restart everytime I died, hopefully thats fixed now...

Here's my playthrough >.<

agreed! makes for a different experience for everyone!

What I loved about this game was the different ways that it scares you, not just the old sudden jumpscares... Whenever the monster or whatever that was walked past me, it always gave me chills!

I still don't think I understand the story but doesn't matter, had fun! :D

I wish this was a bigger game! It's very different from recent horror games, without jumpscares and proper, tough puzzles. I enjoyed it a lot :D

I had a lot of fun with the game lol, sounds were properly CREEPY as well

 looking forward to a bigger version someday :D

i like how you can both have fun in this game or try hard

i decided to have a lot of fun :D                   definitely recommend!

such a bright little fun game !! :D

great graphics, gripping story, cute dog 10/10 would get the bread again >.<

one of the funnier game i played recently, actually made me lol :D

it was great how the way the text was written was enough to convey the tone that made it funny, good game!

Of course! It was a great demo nevertheless!

i had a lot of  fun with this game even though i think it's too deep for me lol

i liked the music i think it fit the scenario very well :D

This was so bright and colorful! all the puzzles were fantastic too, and the dialogues were funny... I absolutely cant wait for the full game.

there were some spelling mistakes in the english version, but i just found them funny lel

i love these type of puzzle games which dont have straightforward puzzles, even if i struggle in solving them :D really good game

i will definitely play this again just so that i can unlock all achievements >.<

I have played one day so far and i LOVE the game. 

the art style and the storytelling is also so beautiful!

Nice to play a game in which robots are our slaves and not the other way round :D

Also increased my physics knowledge quite a bit xD 10 out of 10 

i FINALLY found the password without having to look in the Game Directory lol. 

The game is properly creepy, especially the part when the chainsaw guy keeps walking around xD

I would LOVE to see a longer version someday :D

Very short but very likeable >.<

I played this at 2 am so I think i got a bit more creeped out than usual lol. I LOVED the puzzles too, just the right difficulty for me.

would be GREAT  to see the full version someday :D

So I played the game, had fun and then it took me such a loooooooooooong time to realize that the title is a pun lol

I LOVE fun games like these pls make more thx :P

I never played the original :( but I LOVED this one. Its atmosphere was already so creepy, and those mannequins just added to it. 

Also I had a cold and that's why I sound like a weasel while playing this lol

This game is so tense lol I was on the edge at all times. great job, can't wait for a bigger game :D

Here's me playing the episode 2 till the end,  I am so slow with puzzles lol. but enjoyed every moment of being stuck.

This episode is honestly so amazing. I played episode one as well but i thought it dragged a bit, this one really blew me away! good job everyone!

I got so scared in some parts of this game, and I am the kind  of person that gets scared by jumpscares very easily.  i usually don't want to play games after they jumpscare me but i couldn't put this down. this game is so much different and soooo much fun!

I LOVED the puzzles, and the flow of the game. Come out with more pls :D

Hey look it's your mom in the thumbnail :D

lol legit a good game though. thanks to the developers for already checking out the video before i even posted a comment here. you can check it out if you want to as well ^^

Finally a game that I can relate to  ;-;

I think what's great about this game that it makes people like me who don't know anyone schizophrenic in real life, really aware and understand what they go through. Brilliant game!

I had not slept all night when I played this game and playing it made me more insecure so I couldn't sleep for three more.

I thought this game would be boring, but I actually ended up having a lot of fun in the game. Also the soundtrack is so good ;-; 

I was completely creeped out by the game lol, very eerie. also i was very confused because i have never played P.T. but i loved this!

I am too stupid for this game lol

It's fine after I downloaded it through the app. For some reason I tried 3 times with chrome but it used to show the same error message.

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I am not able to extract the files of the latest version in WinRAR. The error message shows 'Unexpected end of archive'. I am using Win 10 64bit.