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The atmosphere was great!! i made a video on the game :D

fun little game :D in other news i cant jump

I had a lot of fun in the game!! made a video on it :D

what a lovely little clickthrough game!! i made a video on it :D

nice fun game! i made a video on it :D

hahah yes. also I was joking about the reolution choices, I dont mind it at all :D

was weirded out with the sounds in the beginning, but was really impressed by the end. heres my video :D

I made a little playthrough of this game :D

Loved the game!! The music, along with the puzzles were fantastic!!! can't wait to see more :)

My video - 



you're welcome!! and i added it to my wishlist on Steam :D

tbh i wud fear the person who has a fear of ducks

This demo is surprisingly well made. Very eager to play when it comes out in full!

for me i press windows key so the task bar appears, and then i right click on the game icon and choose 'close widow'

best simulator game on the market it should run for president 100 percent

This was such a great game! enjoyed every minute of it, all those moments which had me going wtf :D Cant wait for the full release!!

i made a video on the game, hope you liked it! :D

i made a video on the game, hope you like it ! :D

I made a video on this game, hope you enjoy! :D

ayy nice game I had a lot of fun! also I made a video - 

Played the game and I love the details and the amount of playability there is in this 'demo'. Hard to believe it was made by freshmen.

Only thing that I might add is some hints for finding all the different stuff in the game, it's too easy to take the shortest route and finish the demo witout exploring all the details :))

Played the game and had a lot of fun. I am not sure if I was supposed to though :(

Good game! i made a video on it :D

I liked the fact that it had multiple endings. also ending number 1 legit made me laugh, not something that you expect out of a horror game lol

All in all, good game :D

i didn't expect it to be this intense! it is a REALLY good two minute game, worth every second. 

i could never find the last hand print but nevertheless it was a lot of fun!

I couldn't really make it past night 3, but I had fun playing it. For a mashup of two games, it is actually good!

Everybody's talking about how we have no arms, but i ESPECIALLY like the way we walk. Don't know whether to call it sliding or strafing lol

But all in all I liked it, good game :D

Great  game. It kept me on my toes the whole time, I was expecting something to be in every room which reallly added to the tension.

I had a lot of fun, fantastic work! :D

I loved the music in the game :D It also looks very different than anything I have played.

of course it was confusing but I hope that will become clearer with the future story updates :))

Loooool thanks for watching it and subbing!

I couldn't finish the game because I am really not good with jumpscares lol, but I LOVED the concept!

Great game overall :D

Great little memey fun game lol 

The only issue I had, which others have mentioned, is me having to restart everytime I died, hopefully thats fixed now...

Here's my playthrough >.<

agreed! makes for a different experience for everyone!

What I loved about this game was the different ways that it scares you, not just the old sudden jumpscares... Whenever the monster or whatever that was walked past me, it always gave me chills!

I still don't think I understand the story but doesn't matter, had fun! :D

I wish this was a bigger game! It's very different from recent horror games, without jumpscares and proper, tough puzzles. I enjoyed it a lot :D