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Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you so much!

Yeah, installing linux is not the problem, the lack of a machine to do it on is :D we may still consider this in the future if we get the resources needed. There would still be work to do with actually getting a working game built, we actually tried the default linux build straight out of Unity and it turned out it didn't run correctly at all when we had someone test it remotely.

Hi, and thank you very much for the interest! Unfortunately there is no Linux port in plans as of now, as we don't have a Linux machine to test/build on. Sorry about this, we'd much prefer it if everyone who wanted to try the game had the chance to do it.

If you still want to experience Runo, we may suggest watching one of the Let's play videos. There's plenty to be found in the comment section here! The one by Button Pushin' Cushion reads through all the journal entries, so that might be a nice one :)

Kiva kuulla että kolahti, kiitos!

Good to hear, thank you for playing!

Our pleasure! Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you liked it :)

Such a nice video, thank you for playing!

Thank you! ✨

Thank you, and what a great video! Such kind feedback, we truly appreciate this!

Wow, thank you for such kind feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you!


Hey, thank you for playing and for all your kind feedback!

Optimization of Runo could be better, sorry if this affected your experience. We recommend others to try out a lower graphics setting if the fps is distractingly low. Thank you for letting us know :)

Moikka, kiitos kun pelasit! 

Ainakaan tällä hetkellä suomenkielinen lokalisaatio ei ole saatavilla taikka suunnitteilla, mutta kuka tietää, ehkä joku päivä jos on suurempaa kysyntää :) 

Thank you so much for your kind feedback, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! What an awesome video!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Wow, what a response! Thank you so much for playing and for making a video about our game :) 

Thanks for playing, sorry to see you had some problems with the UI with such a wide screen, we'll definitely get that fixed :)

Hey, thanks for playing! 

We are planning on doing some small tweaks to the area to prevent skillful escapes from the daemon and making the kantele more visible :D Glad you were still able to continue!

Awesome to hear you enjoyed the game! There's only 111 days to go until Juhannusaatto! Hope Runo eases the wait! : )

Thanks for letting us know about the hiccup you encountered, we'll look into it! 

Glad you liked it! Suggestion noted, we'll look into it :)

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you enjoyed it

We think we know what the issue is. When the player has picked up a jar, they are supposed to target the big stone in front of the cottage, not the bucket, to use it. This has come up as an issue before, and we'll definitely be looking into improving the usability of this puzzle! Hope this helps, and again, thank you for playing and for letting us know.

Sorry to hear that, and many thanks for letting us now! We'll look into it.


Happy to hear you enjoyed it, thank you!

Thank you for playing!