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I loved this game so much! It's so sweet and just fantastically funny, I laughed so hard I cried; it was amazing and cathartic and beautiful.  I love all the characters, but Min seo's story resonated with me the most. I was so happy to see that post-credits scene. Thank you so much for making this!

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I enjoyed the demo! The music and backgrounds all have a nice feel, and I really liked getting to know the characters a bit :D. It's really interesting to have a protagonist who is  trying to take control of his life and improve himself as a person, and it's refreshing to actually see such a character really talk out at least a few of his issues. 

I did have one question, because I know this varies a bit game to game, but is the route decided by just one or two decisions, or by a combination of  multiple decisions throughout the game? Both options have their strengths, obviously, I'm just curious.

Thanks for sharing this story!