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Unfortunately the full playthrough's audio got completely fucked up so I'm extremely disappointed to not be able to upload it. I was able to salvage 4 hilarious jumpscares though. Enjoy, and sorry :(

Cool game, but I'm terrible at it apparently. I said I hate it, but I more just hate myself for being terrible at games.

take a look at my vid above. Youre just missing it.

Finished this game and actually had a ton of fun with it! Hope my video makes you laugh as well!

Pretty fun game! Didn't realize you could progress further until after I made this video and was informed, but nonetheless the atmosphere of this game messed me up. Also gave me one huge jump! Defintely enjoyed, and hope you give my lets play of it a shot! I left a download link for my viewers in the description.

Just did a playthrough of this! Wasn't what I expected (clearly from the thumbnail) but I actually thoroughly enjoyed this game! I took it for what it is, and even though I didn't complete it (I dont think) I had an enjoyable time. Check out my gameplay and leave some feedback if youd like. God job with this one though, you made me jump and laugh at the same time.

Wish it was longer, and I complained about that, but I shouldnt since its just a demo afterall. This could be something really cool though. Hope my video entertains you as your game entertained me.

Not a bad game, gets real creepy towards the end. If you want a playthrough with my honest feelings about it, and some comical relief, check out my gameplay