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Thank you so much Twisted!

we are really happy you enjoyed our game. Thanks for playing!

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Just downloaded the game to see if I had packaged the wrong build. The play button seems to be working. Not sure why it is not working for you. Are you running the game at 1080p?

Edit: Running the game on a computer which isn't 1080P natively seems to be the issue. Uploading fix right now. Thanks for pointing it out!

Having fun is all that matters. Thanks for trying our game! =D

Thank you.

Awesome game. Had a blast beating it. I had a rough time on some of the levels and was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of puzzles. Very nice work.

I noticed that if you drop the trash down a ledge to close to the wall you can move it anymore. At least not that I could see.

Awesome game! The art style is gorgeous. Controls are easy to learn.

Thank you!

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The swinging action is indeed intended although not the main feature of the game. Think of it like an Easter egg. This game's mechanics are heavily inspired by Mount Your Friends which allows you to fling yourself at incredible speeds.

We are planning on implementing an endless mode eventually.

We are very happy you enjoyed our game and thank you for your feedback. =D 

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We are glad you had fun! 😃


Controls are very satisfying. Absolutely love the art style. Awesome game!

Absolutely love the art style. Controls are responsive. (too much maybe?) Music gets you right into the game play. It's pretty fast paced and I feel you did a great job with making the player feel a bit tense.

Fantastic work.

Fun little game. Really like the fact you can choose which quest/item to go look for. Controls are intuitive although they do seem to be late or at least not very responsive.

The art style is awesome and over all seems very complete. Super nice work for a one week game jam.

Thanks =D

Very interesting game. Nice work!

looking forward to the next version!

Sweet game but the death sound makes me cringe a bit.

Love the game. Simple and challenging. Nice work.

Very nice game. Love the style. Simple and elegant.

Thank you.

Wow, That was a fun little mini game.