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(and just to be clear I have the game only on Steam, not here, but I figured it will be better that I post this here instead of steam forums)

there are 2 things I would like to address
1. it appears that the "Rauser" skin is gone again. but, not completely. my Bronco still has it equipped, but it's gone from the list, so I can't apply it to anything else. can you have it fixed?
2. a simple suggestion: if possible, can there be any kind of feedback added to how close a missile coming at you is? like the arrow becoming wider or some kinda beeps. Since the change in 1.2.9 with said that player missiles slow down near their targets for more chance of hitting, it appears that enemies have some form of this "buff" too, and ever since that update I find it significantly harder to dodge missiles as I have to dodge roll perfectly for it to not hit me (and that even fails sometimes). Having something telling me how close a missile is would help greatly in timing said dodges.  

The game is nice. you can for sure end up in some... interesting places, but I got a single, yet significant complaint:
the game too often default itself to "generic brain zone" (as I call it) when trying to travel with the boat. or in general

(at least I think this is it)

I just... end up way to often in here. for a game that is supposed to be proceduraly generated this feels... weird to keep ending up in the same place. hell, I had a situation where Paraller universe viewer and actual world (in this zone) perfectly overlaped.

but hey. when I end up anywhere else, it's bloody gorgeous
keep it up lad. maybe drop an updeate or something some day. 
seeing that last time you did so was in october