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Really enjoyed the short demo. Love the concept of indirectly influencing what kind of person Cove grows up to be, and what our feelings for each other are. I do wish I had the option to go from fleeting adolescent crush, to comfortable wholesome friendship? But I loved all the summer vacation scenes playing together, and I really like big sis Lizzy.

Well, I know what I'm doing on my vacation next week. (Playing Shibe game)

Is this the full game?? If so, I'm super hyped!

Thanks  for the fun.

This VN is very enjoyable but it needs a walkthrough, badly.

It worked perfectly! 

Same thing is happening on Windows after returning the hat...

I LOVE THIIIIISSSSSS!!! It's just...too...CUTE!!! :D The music and the speech blips really make it great and it's just a lot of fun.

This was perfect...I like Square and his bittersweet ending the best, but I really like all of the characters. I didn't get Circle's angle at first, but I came aRound by the end.