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wow! Thank you for the very kind words. I’m always so nervous that what I’m making is terrible and then someone says something like this. Thank you. 

Yes to both

URBN_LGND.exe community · Created a new topic Sign-Up Sheet
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An official but not-required sign-up sheet. Helps to see what others might be working on, to avoid duplicates, but those are okay too. URBN_LGND_list

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: No. The FÖLK-LORE compilations were a tremendous undertaking. Making this one even harder is we've decided to say down with Corpo bullshit and their rules, so there are no limitations on the size or shape of your entries. The FL compiled docs are HUGE. Like crash my Affinity Publisher huge. The PDFs are just as ridiculous. So no. One of you crazy bastards wants to do, have at it, but it ain't gonna be me. 

Thank you! I hope it brings much misery and death to all your player

Only 14 hours remain to rate the entries! If you joined the jam or you are a person, rate them while you can!

What?! I can't imagine what is the least bit troubling about this...

Details on page format etc. are in the jam details, but I've also made a handy file you can download to use as a template for setting up your entry. It includes 3mm of bleed and indicates the area that is safe for text. Headers and Display text can extend beyond that rectangle, but any mechanics etc should definitely be contained within it. 

So we are thinking about taking submissions and compiling them into at the very least a high-quality, print-ready file that will be made available to purchase. Possibly, maybe a print run, but that's a bit of a long shot. All proceeds (unless we do physical prints) will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. 

This will be an opt-in project. You don't have to participate in the compilation if you submit to the jam. We will actively ask you if you want to participate in the compilation, like with FÖLK-LORE for those that were a part of that.

As always, all of this is open for discussion and we welcome your thoughts/input here. 

Okay it's up. All 609mb of it.

Alright. I'll upload the beast.

Unfortunately no. I output the file and it was stupid huge. No one wants a nearly 700mb pdf.

Sorry to give you a retread, but I'm never going to make the deadline with anything new and I wanted to contribute.

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Hey Mister Bambu, I'm sorry you are disappointed. I've been sending emails for several weeks regarding inclusion and there was also a post pinned in the community section of the Game Jam. Anyone omitted was solely due to a lack of response from creators. Please get in touch on Twitter, Discord, or via email. My name is the same everywhere...

Thanks for the explanation! It really just comes down to preference. The spreads file has a significantly smaller file size as an added bonus.

Be nice. It's free...

Great to hear! Hopefully it brings much suffering to your players…

Seriously? This is an official stock photo? Why the hell would this thing exist? I hope that bastard is ashamed of himself. 

Products from Pixelmator are top notch. Offerings include Pixelmator Pro for Mac OS, Pixelmator Photo exclusively for iPad, and Pixelmator iOS for iPhones and iPads. Great low-cost alternative to Photoshop with both editing and "painting" tools. 

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I would enjoy to participate in the degradation of Adobe as former customer and now non-user. If there is image left. For me to have. Writer of 3rd party MÖRK BORG contents

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I have your email address, so I'll be in touch to get shipping addresses when I get ready to ship. Sorry that wasn't more transparent. Thanks for your purchase! Updated the reward text to make things more clear.

Thank you! With only a two hour window of time to work on this I had to keep it simple. Spent most of it futzing with the images. 

Thank you! Nothing like a little public domain imagery and some digital manipulation.

Love the nihilism of it. Find the cultists, but it doesn't really matter.

Very nice work. Outstanding submission

Fourteen typefaces used

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Whatever name you want. My go to will be to reference the original release. If you want something different, you can email me. You'll specifically be credited as B Halliday, unless you want me to use Bea. Or undeadrook. 

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Everyone will be credited in a “contributors” table of contents type of page. Check out the first Album Crawl project or The Occult Ossuary for examples

FÖLK-LORE community · Created a new topic FÖLK-LORE ZINE

Hello Submitters! Please check your email (spam/junk too) for a message from me on March 31. If you didn't get an email, please let me know and we will connect.

If you haven’t seen, you won the final prize. Check your email for a message from me

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Just curious, any text or stats to go with this one? Having JUST an image is a bit of a stretch, but I want to be sure something isn't missing...

Just a reminder to update your submission with the 3rd party license text. Thank you!

If you could, please update your submission with the 3rd party license text. Thank you!

If you could, please update your submission with the 3rd party license text. Thank you!

Please be sure to add the 3rd party license text to your submission

We definitely want to include you. I’m perfectly fine with that resolution, to withdraw from prize consideration. 

Now, if you’d still like a shot at goodies, submit a class (for example) from DB as a freebie and you’re Golden!

Goatman, please be sure to add the 3rd party license text to the pdf file for download. Thank you!

I hope this doesn't throw your amazing layout into disarray, but I need you to add the 3rd party license text to the file somewhere (in addition to having it on the project page)

This looks super tight. One change, need the 3rd party license text on the document please.