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Thank you for playing :) ... about the bug: we'll look into it. We probably forgot to disable the interactable on the RV before you met Angel & Jean. 

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I see you are using the farm games trope of grandpa inheritance ;)

Cool, thx for playing :) ... the text bug is an annoying one, we keep fixing it and it comes back, needs special attention it seems. I will see what we can do about more lore and another weapon. 

Thx, for the feedback.

Yeah, the package size ... it was late xD

And your right, we talked about countdown/ease-in period, but just hadn't time for it anymore. The odd behavior is a result from the cube shifting position, because it doesn't hit the middle of the paddles, because of it's size. We started to fix this, but again time. If we will do a final version, the cube will always stay in the middle of the paddle, which should make the game feel way smoother.

Got it to work, problem was, that I tried to start in the browser and I couldn't even see the games window, that's why I was confused. Switched to Firefox, there it works. 

Really awesome level design man

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we couldn't see any option to install or download your game, or a link. Doesn't it have it Windows version or are we missing something?

Nice, so the anti game part of the game works at least. Maybe we will build a the more fun extension around it one day ;)

Thx, it was a lot of fun trying to get the original right and at some point starting to think about adding some other features, especially those for the gift jam.