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Rudy Mora

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turns out drawing a whole graphic novel in full color by yourself while also having a normal job takes a long time! It should be done by november

my $5 patrons have been getting updates on the book and the whole thing can be read in sketch form from beginning to end, you can check it out here:

thank you so much!

woops, I'll fix it! I must have put the wrong file in when I made a quick update

thank you so much for reading my stuff!! i'm glad you like where it's gone so far, I am still chipping away at it and I hope it satisfies when you get to read the full book!

thank you for reading both comics and I’m glad you liked them!

thanks! I'm planning on doing a preorder run of all the chapters in the future, I'm going to be launching my store with some stickers and small prints first before I tackle a bigger project like books. I'll post a link on my twitter when the store is live though!

thanks for the heads up!

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the series is on a bit of a hiatus as I get physical books ready for a preorder/print run, plus I've been finishing writing some other stories in the meantime. It will return soon though!

you can always stay up to date on what I'm working on from my twitter @rudeezy. And thank you for reading!

thank you for your support! there will be more with these characters soon!

It really sucks that my comic i worked hard on ended up on some free site that I can't even find, but I appreciate that you went out of your way to support me!

I've got a sequel in the works that's much longer but it might end up physical release first just to prevent something like this from happening again

the comic is name your price, if you were so inclined to pass some bucks my way you can enter any amount you want at download! thanks for your support!!

there's been a bit of a delay but chapters 5 and 6 are being worked on right now, shouldnt be too much longer!

thank you so much for the kinds words! i'm glad you liked it.

as for the size, i never know what a good size is for a PDF comic, I just ended up going with the size they would be if it was on a site which I've never had a problem with displaying properly before but PDFs always seem to get compressed or resized in some way that I have yet to figure out, I'll look into fixing this and making an update!

thanks so much! im still learning how to both draw comics and tell stories with each chapter, i hope you like where i take the story in the future!!

think of the first comic as a pilot and this one is the first official episode!