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Online support is planned to be added in the next update.

Are you using the arrow keys to scratch and they're coming up as vocal inputs? The arrow keys normally work for scratching.


This was a pretty neat way to incorporate chess into a different game style! The fact you have to change pieces every turn makes it pretty fun to think about the best way to defeat the enemy with what you've got! Fun prototype!

This game is pretty neat, but I think it's just a bit too floaty and slow paced for a pinball game. However, the game is very adorable! <3 

People who think in words and not shapes be like:

At least letting us push the treasure chest back to our farm would've been nice. Ah well, I just sailed as far as I could with 2 turnips in my hands, and realized I couldn't eat them on the raft.

That was one heck of an emotional roller coaster. Felt an actual connection with my Squirtulia or whatever he was called. Picked him for being based after me. If I could support you, I would! Great work! Shoutouts to Failboat!