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What a pleasant read! Impressive first build, music and artwork is on point too. Glad to be along for this ride.

No wonder, it's made by its artist!

Why not both?


Top tier series, one of the best.

Oh yes thanks! We noticed fairly quickly. It's fixed now, so please download the game again if you haven't already.

They're still stretched, but at least they display!

Thanks, I see it now. We'll have it sorted in the next release!

Love what I've read so far. Amazing work!

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You'll always have my support
Let's make this the best VN ever!

Don't worry, we're a patient bunch. I wish nothing but the best for both you and your projects.

Working on more than a single project would be quite overwhelming. Thank you for being open about this and I wish you luck with the development! Looking forward to Spirit!

I'm hooked too. Glad to see a new fan!

I'd encourage anyone interested to join the Discord server. It's a very welcoming community.

The increase in quality from the first build was very noticeable. Good job! Hope to see more improvements in the future.

Also a technical thing: The game's file size got surprisingly big. It seems the music track "to_stars" and the sound effect of the shower are several hours long and are hundreds of MBs.

As someone who enjoyed the original I'm eagerly awaiting the new release.

Really liked how the main character was written. His panicked state felt quite believable. The art is good, Hercule having so many expressions was a really nice touch. Just wish the main menu had artwork as well.
I hope you'll find an editor for the English version, because that's something the novel could benefit from.

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It's being finalized right now. It should be out soon.
Edit: It's out now!


I finished chapter 1 recently. I managed to do it without relying on Mate and without hacking. It took a very, very long time - but it felt great to finally overcome the challenge!

My strategy was to get good enough in the first two phases so as to not get hit at all, and hope that I somehow survive the third. I'll be honest, I can't even see safe spots in the third phase most of the time.

I would love to try going for not taking damage, but it feels so hopeless. Could you possibly give a video demonstration?

I really enjoy your game, I'm looking forward to the rest!

I can't wait to face down against a "certain foe" who meant a lot to me. It's the least I can do for them.

I ran into a weird bug: After booting up the game (for the first time ever), I idled in the main menu to listen to the music and got this wall of text after a few minutes. The game crashed completely afterwards.

The new track is great! Glad the soundtrack's going to be consistently awesome.

I did notice something in this new build I'd like to bring to your attention: changing Mary's height seems to have given her an extra set of white outlines. Left side is the old build, right is the new:

Possibly a bug?

I only noticed 2 typos. Hope it's okay to list them:

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Awesome! Please give this a try if you couldn't before.

You mentioned other monetization options in your post. Would you consider starting a Kickstarter campaign and/or selling merchandise of your game?

"Assuming I'm alive in the first place: can't really throw away a life I don't have." - a haunting line I'll remember forever.

A fantastic premise that's handled with the right amount of care such topics require. This first chapter is a great introduction to your characters.

Loved to get inside Isaac's mind, to see them react to everything: their situation, to others, and to the world around them.
A unique visual style with a fantastic soundtrack.

Best VN I've read this year. Eagerly looking forward to the entire story!

Congratulations! A monumental achievement.

Hello! I loved your game!
Please allow me to point out 2 bugs, both located in the 'maze' room. Examining the upper-left vent 3 times with English language leads to this:

And here's one with the leftmost box in the middle. When examined 2 times the text is incorrect for the English version!

(also, I'd be very grateful if you could give a hint to solve decryption.txt)
(I'm really bad with puzzles.)

We're anticipating the release, but we're also patient. Lives come before games! (Wish big publishers knew that too)

I always wondered why Khemia's more woke society treated Neferu so awfully. Looks like we'll get to find out!

He's a talking beast man; what the hell brain?!


After playing  the demo and reading the character bios on the kickstarter page, I would like to congratulate you for the fact that Aster seems to be a very well done main character.

Most of the time eroge protagonists have the personality of a paper bag, but Aster's presence added a lot to the demo. His backstory is intriguing and he appears to be a dutiful, capable person. I'd really like to learn more about him during the different routes. And the girls too of course, but that's obvious.

Also looking forward to doing office work. That's such an unusual thing to include. You have my support.

I had such a pleasantly miserable feeling throughout reading this. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the finished version!

Really love the art style as well.