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Andrei Rudenko

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Hey, to learn how to make games in TIC-80 i recommend learn TIC-80 Wiki and any supported language. Most easy is to learn LUA. 

So basicaly you learn language and TIC API simultaneously by practicing.

Also you can download TIC-80 cartriges here and see how other people write games is TIC. 

Thank you! Musical scale, crystal harmonics, color themes, reverb settings also randomly generated! :)

Thank you, i'm really happy that you like it. I'm in some calm meditative mood while playing.

thank you :)

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Thank you! :)

Ah, i was thinking about this case :( , need to change menu button.

Haha, music will help you do it faster :D

Ye, this one is hard, but good for learn typing :)

Thanks! Not bad! :D

Thanks, i love this idea too, but little bit weird controls :)

Thank you, i have some ideas about it, but for new, mobile version ;)

Wow, thats a big comet. Ye game is infinite runner, so there is maybe need little bit more content, but for 3 days jam, i will keep it simple as it is. Thank you :)

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Thank you! I was thinking about to make it more scientific, but it is game, so little bit fake phyiscs i good for fun :)

Haha, this is awesome!!! Black holes are "little bit" not fair, I think I know how to fix this. Thank you for this amazing letsplay! I really enjoy it.

Thank you, Phillip! Ye, I was thinking about how I can make game little bit easy. And I guess I find the way, I think trajectory path will be helpful to understand how comet will move. :)

Wow, this is awesome! Thank you!

I like visual style, maybe little bit speed up game, for more action, and this devil is kick my ass badly :D

I like game mechanics, i was thinking about contols, when it gets inverted, little bit weird, but after some time it feels good! Maybe have only button to move away from this "planet" when player constantly moving towards the planet, like gravity forces.

This is so funny, i laughted so much, i love this, great mini game, and music is good also!

I like this visual style, particles is nice, sometimes i feel need to speed up character movement, but its just for me :) I enjoyed shooting people in this game, and shotgun will be awesome :D

Thank you, i think still need more levels, there also more fun with 2 players :)

Thank you!

Thank you!